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ESPNs IR slot for players. When player gets healthy? (1 Viewer)


Can you just leave him in the IR once he returns?

I know it says you cant do any roster movements if your IR'd player is healthy.

But it doesn't say you have to activate him or lose him.

Is this correct?

Yeah, you can leave him there.

You just can't make any free-agent moves. I'm don't think you can adjust your starting line-up either, but I'm not totally sure.

Yes, but it really limits your ability to do anything. Can't make trade offers, accept offers, make waiver claims/adds/bids.

You can't do anything with your roster. This is my biggest criticism of the ESPN site. For example, Heath Miller missed last week, no reasonable reason that he can't still be on an IR, but they've now got him listed as Questionable so you're stuck if you've got him.


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