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Everyone's Least Favorite Thread -QuizGuy66 2018 Prediction Thread. Add you own to the thread :) (1 Viewer)


Herein as per tradition I post my horrible preseason picks.  But why not?  Anyway feel free to put your own season prognostications in here of any sort.  I noticed that there isn't a "Teams that will definitely miss the playoffs thread" for example so you can do that here if you want.  Or not.  Anyway here you go :)


1- NE  13-3, MIA 6-10, JETS 5-11, BUF 2-14.  The rebuild Buffalo started last year that was rudely interrupted by a playoff berth goes into full effect this year.  The Jets will be improved but I think Darnold will take a little time to get the Y/A up.  No real reason to have the Dolphins win 6 other than they do stupid stuff like win games when they are supposed to be terrible.

3-PIT 11-5, 5-CIN 10-6, BAL 9-7, CLE 4-12.  I think Pittsburgh will start off roaring with the Bell turmoil but I think it could prove an issue as the year rolls on.  Homering my Bengals but truthfully the team won 7 games last year, improved the o-line, and gets back a number of players.   I got them at 125-1 at the Monmouth Park Sportsbook which is just stupid high.  Yeah they kept Marvin and Andy but that is no reason to say the team will lose more games and they still play hard for him (ask Detroit, Baltimore and Buffalo).  The fact that the worst center in the league is gone is worth 2 wins on its own.  Anyway.  Not sure what to do with the Ravens.  Their line is solid.  Flacco is dubious.  They may go to the rookie.  They have some sleeper weapons.  Do they have the mental make up?  The Browns have improved the talent but man Hue Jackson head coaching is just rough (great coordinator, awful head coach - it happens).  Even with a rookie QB they should be able to unlock those beer fridges.  Okay this ends the long paragraph about the division I follow most.

2-JAX 12-4, 6-HOU 10-6, TEN 8-8, IND 5-11.  That defense man.  If anyone can do a Super Bowl XXXV Ravens it's this team.  Houston SHOULD be back to being good with all the players that have heeled.  Not sold on the Titans.  Luck returns healthy to a team that has the look of a rebuild - can that line keep him upright all year?

4-DEN 10-6, KC 8-8, LAC 7-9, OAK 5-11.  Feels like the lowkey rebuild in Denver should reap dividends.  KC feels like a bunch of pieces - can they be coherent.  The Chargers have changed their slogan from "Fight For LA" to "Fight For Each Other" - just sad that this once-proud franchise is basically an NFL Orphan.  I could be underselling them.  Part of me would love to see home playoff games in a soccer stadium.  Oakland looks like a contender....for Super Bowl XLVII.


5-CIN over 4-DEN 31-17.  3-PIT over 6-HOU 27-17

1- NE over 5-CIN 38-17.  2-JAX OVER 3-PIT 17-6

2-JAX OVER 1-NE 24-23


2-PHI 12-4, WASH 9-7, GIANTS 6-10, DAL 4-12.  I feel like the Eagles are one of the least respected defending champions there has been for a while.  Not sure I'm this high on Washington as low on other teams.  I'm not buying into the Giants quadrupling their win total like the rest of the world seems to be (I live in NJ so maybe it's just around here).  The line is still bad.  The Defense is still exploitable.  Zeke is going to be lonely in that offense this season in Dallas.

4-GB 11-5, CHI 9-7, MIN 8-8, DET 6-10.  This is another tough division to figure.  Rodgers earns his extension money.  It feels like GB was very snake-bit last year.  The Bears are going to start winning games with defense and decent growth from Trubisky should see them on the rise.  Minnesota should be better but the Vikes people I've talked to seem more pessimistic than I expect.  Then again that may just be normal.  Maybe I'm putting the Lions last because they snaked Ragnow from the Bengals.  Or maybe their iffy preseason performance is influencing me.

3-NO 11-5, 6-ATL 10-6, CAR 9-7, TB 4-12.  This divsion is always such a scrap and it feels like as usual you put the top 3 in any order and call it good.  I do think the Saints with that stepped up D carry the day and I think the line questions on Carolina are just enough to be the difference.  Tampa will look different week 8 from week 1 - but the improvement should come next year.

1-LAR 13-3, 5-SF 10-6, ARI 5-11, SEA 4-12.  The Rams are making sharp aggressive moves - and I think they put it all together this year.  Jimmy G is legit and given the competition in the division a playoff berth is definitely doable.  The Cards don't feel like they are quite complete and presumably the rookie QB will get his shot and I think there will be some pain.  Seattle feels like a team bottoming out.


6-ATL OVER 3-NO 34-31 (would love to see these rivals scrap in a playoff game).  5-SF over 4-GB 28-17

1-LAR 30 OVER 6 ATL 30-10, 5-SF over 2-PHI 24-17

Good hype ahead of this but in the end I think 1-LAR over 5-SF 38-14


So there you go!  Bet accordingly ;)


2 out of 6 in the AFC :bowtie: - really nailed the Jaguars Broncos and Bengals there.

3 out of 6 in the NFC (and yeah I just mean as far as teams making the playoffs).  Fans of the Rams going all the way take note.  Nailed the Dallas and Seattle picks.

3 out of 8 division winners.

10 out of 32 teams in the correct position.  4 for 4 in the NFC South Baby!!! :excited:

2 out of 32 teams with the correct record (was 1/2 game off Minnesota).

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


:moneybag:  for sure!   :yes:

I think most people would be in the same boat, if they had the stones to post in September.



Not really: MIA, BUF, PIT, CIN, IND, PHA, WAS, CAR



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