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Exciting new college football league with unique format (1 Viewer)


This isn’t your normal Dynasty League. Instead of rookie drafts and salaries, this league uses recruiting and school prestige. The better you do, the higher your prestige and the more money you get for the giant offseason draft which includes rookies, graduated players, Devy draft slots(i.e. Devy pick 1.01, Devy pick 1.02, etc…), and other available players who were not taken the previous season.

Your prestige starts at 200 and can range anywhere from 100 to 300.

There are 70 teams and 6 conferences(ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, PAC12, SEC, and a Group of Five conference) with each conference having its own set of player copies so each conference is like its own individual league.

8 team playoffs, 10 bowl games, conference champions, and awards allow a lot of opportunities for payouts.

70 player rosters and 10 taxi squad spots allow you to load up on talent since you will not be able to make any in season adds or trades.

We will use Myfantasyleague as our platform and Groupme for chat.

With generous IDP scoring, bonus points for TE receptions as well as extra points for longer passes, rushes, and receptions, there are plenty of opportunities for points.

Other school league features include:

·         A playoff committee which will determine the rankings that decide the playoffs and bowl games

·         Rivalries which allow for bragging rights and school prestige

·         Awards for highest scoring position groups and highest overall point total

·         Owner scheduling(you schedule three non-conference games)

·         Ability to own two different teams(as long as they are in the same conference)

·         The opportunity to get any rookie you want every season

·         No salaries

·         Only one quarterback

·         No kickers

·         A coaching carousel where you are able to take over vacated schools

·         Playoff selection show and news articles


Buy in is $102 which includes the MFL league fee

Conference Champion: $300

Make Playoffs: $150

Advance to Final Four: +$250

Advance to Championship: +$400

Win National Champinoship: +$700

Champion receives: $1500

Bowl Game Winners

Rose (9 vs 10)                       150

Orange(11 vs 12)                 150

Sugar(13 vs 14)                    130

Fiesta(15 vs 16)                    130

Cotton(17 vs 18)                  115

Peach(19 vs 20)                    115

Outback(21 vs 22)               110

Holiday(23 vs 24)                 110

Gator(25 vs 26)                    105

Liberty(27 vs 28)                  105


Heisman(Highest scoring team):       $200

All other awards: $10

Link to league(still a work in progress): https://www60.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/30198#0

Link to Bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g-6z3deS55fTUAQy3rS6006KogI2zty63W077cp8OT8/edit?usp=sharing


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