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Exclusive Dynasty League with IDP has 1 opening (12 team/50 man roster (1 Viewer)


This is a new offspring league from the very well known Top Gun 1 & 2 leagues as well as the MFL and USFL leagues.

It is the "Dirty Dozen" and is comprised of some of the very best fantasy football pros from around the country!

This is a hardcore league that requires a lot of activity to stay competitive....most of these guys are sharks:o)

Anyhow, we have already drafted and rookie drafted as well.12 team league with 50 player rosters....yes, we start 2 QB's in this league and we start all defensive positions including DT, DE, LB, CB, S

This is not a money league as it is about the competition and pride/bragging rights....we joke, have fun, talk smack and some of us even fly across the country to get together to go to games.

I will pay the league fees for the right owner this year even though it is very minimal...something like 15 bucks or so but there will be no fee this year for this new owner.

We lost 2 members of this league due to some unfortunate personal reasons and I wont take just anyone so please do not apply if your a newbie....you will just get killed....just kidding.

here is a link to the site, we have a great theme, great scoring system and great great group of hardcore crazies that live for this stuff and need someone equally as passionate as we are!

my email is dwsmarketing@gmail.com

please let me know if your interested, give me your basic information as well as your FF history and even a few links to your other leagues if you have that.




I wanted to add a couple more things:

The vacant team is obviously the team we are trying to fill....it has Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Tony Gonzalez, Ryan Grant, Jared Allen, Patrick Willis and many other great players!! This team will compete now and has a nice young core as well to build on.

The nice thing about this league is that you are guaranteed to have really good and really active owners....your not going to get stupid offers like Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton for Peyton Manning and a 5th round draft pick! you dont want to just be in any league and end up dissapointed with some of the absurdity that goes on.

And your not going to have to worry about a rival in your division constantly raping his fantasy ho whenever he needs a good bye week fill-in. These are tried and proven owners that have all played this game for 10 plus years.

please post interest or email me (David) at dwsmarketing@gmail.com



Thanks to all who have sent emails for this league!!!!!

Unfortunately, we only needed 1 owner and we now have him.

I will keep your contact info in just in case another opening somehow becomes available.


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