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Expert Rankings - Top 22 Tight Ends (1 Viewer)

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Clayton Gray

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As you may remember, the Expert Rankings at the main site include a column for the Message Board. Here is your chance to be included in those Message Board rankings.

To be eligible, you must rank your Top 22 (yes, twenty-two) Tight Ends before noon Eastern on Monday July 5th.

Please number the players and write their first and last names.

Please try to vote in the other positions:

Overall QB RB WR PK Def/ST

Assume you are drafting in a 12 team re-draft league that starts 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 PK, and 1 Def/ST.

Scoring System

1 pt per 20 yards passing

4 pts per passing TD

1 pt per 10 yards rushing/receiving

6 pts per rushing/receiving TD

-1 per interception

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Here we go:1Gonzalez, Tony2Shockey, Jeremy3Heap, Todd4Crumpler, Alge5Winslow, Kellen6McMichael, Randy7Williams, Boo8Jones, Freddie9Franks, Bubba10Clark, Dallas11Graham, Daniel12Pollard, Marcus13Milli, Itula14Kleinsasser, Jim15Witten, Jason16Gates, Antonio17Clark, Desmond18Smith, LJ19Miller, Billy20Becht, Anthony21Kinney, Erron22Troupe, Ben

1 Gonzalez, Tony2 Shockey, Jeremy3 Heap, Todd4 Crumpler, Alge5 Winslow, Kellen6 Franks, Bubba7 McMichael, Randy8 Gates, Antonio9 Witten, Jason10 Williams, Boo11 Kleinsasser, Jim12 Clark, Desmond13 Clark, Dallas14 Johnson, Eric15 Alexander, Stephen16 Jones, Freddie 17 Graham, Daniel18 Smith, LJ19 Milli, Itula20 Becht, Anthony21 Kinney, Erron22 Troupe, Ben

1 Tony Gonzalez2 Todd Heap3 Jeremy Shockey4 Alge Crumpler5 Jason Witten6 Jim Kleinsasser7 Anthony Becht8 Randy McMichael9 Kellen Winslow - R10 Desmond Clark11 Freddie Jones12 Marcus Pollard13 Daniel Graham14 Erron Kinney15 Ernie Conwell16 Teyo Johnson17 Billy Miller18 Dallas Clark19 L.J. Smith20 Antonio Gates21 Mark Campbell22 Bubba Franks

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1. Gonzalez2. Heap3. Shockey4. Boo Williams5. Winslow6. Gates7. Dallas Clark8. Alge Crumpler9. McMichael10. Witten11. Mili12. Freddie Jones13. Desmond Clark14. Franks15. Graham16. Pollard17. Kleinsasser18. Becht19. Eric Johnson20. Billy Miller21. Brady22. LJSmith

01. Tony Gonzalez02. Todd Heap03. Jeremy Shockey04. Kellen Winslow Jr.05. Alge Crumpler06. Boo Williams07. Randy McMichael08. Freddie Jones09. Marcus Pollard10. Daniel Graham11. Itula Mili12. Desmond Clark13. Dallas Clark14. Anthony Becht15. Jason Witten16. Billy Miller17. Jim Kleinsasser18. Bubba Franks19. Antonio Gates20. Erron Kinney21. L.J. Smith22. Mark Campbell

1. Tony Gonzalez2. Todd Heap3. Boo Williams4. Randy McMichael5. Alge Crumpler6. Jeremy Shockey7. Kellen Winslow Jr.8. Dallas Clard9. Jason Witten10. Bubba Franks11. Freddie Jones12. Jim Kleinsasser13. Daniel Graham14. Jerramy Stevens15. L.J. Smith16. Antonio Gates17. Marcus Pollard18. Teyo Johnson19. Billy Miller20. Desmond Clark21. Anthony Becht22. Erron Kinney

01 Todd Heap02 Kellen Winslow Jr.03 Alge Crumpler04 Tony Gonzalez05 Dallas Clark06 Jeremy Shockey07 Bubba Franks08 Jason Witten09 Billy Miller10 Erron Kinney11 Antonio Gates12 Boo Williams13 Randy McMichael14 Freddie Jones15 Marcus Pollard16 Ben Troupe17 Itula Mili18 Desmond Clark19 Anthony Becht20 Jim Kleinsasser21 L.J. Smith22 Mark Campbell

1. Tony Gonzalez2. Todd Heap3. Alge Crumpler4. Jeremy Shockey5. Boo Williams6. Antonio Gates7. Randy McMichael8. Daniel Graham9. Kellen Winslow10. Jason Witten11. Anthony Becht12. Dallas Clark13. Desmond Clark14. Itula Mili15. Billy Miller16. Freddie Jones17. Marcus Pollard18. Bubba Franks19. Jim Kleinsasser20. Erron Kinney21. LJ Smith22. Eric Johnson

1 Tony Gonzalez2 Todd Heap3 Kellen Winslow4 Jason Witten5 Antonio Gates6 Boo Williams7 Dallas Clark8 Alge Crumpler9 Jeremy Shockey10 Randy McMichael11 Desmond Clark12 Daniel Graham13 Bubba Franks14 Freddie Jones15 Itula Mili16 Marcus Pollard17 Anthony Becht18 Billy Miller19 Jim Kleinsassor20 Eric Johnson21 L.J. Smith22 Erron Kinney

01. Gonzalez, KC02. Shockey, NYG03. Gates, SD04. Winslow, Cle05. Heap, Bal06. Pollard, Ind07. Crumpler, Atl08. McMichael, Mia09. Chamberlain, Den10. Kinney, Ten11. Johnson, Oak12. Kleinsasser, Min13. Miller, Hou14. Clark, Chi15. Lewis, Phi16. Franks, GB17. Smith, Phi18. Clark, Ind19. Conwell, StL20. Mili, Sea21. Graham, NE22. Becht, NYJ

1. Tony Gonzales2. Todd Heap3. Jeremy Shockey4. Alge Crumpler5. Boo Williams6. Kellen Winslow7. Randy McMichael8. Jason Witten9. Dallas Clark10. Antonio Gates11. Marcus Pollard12. Jed Weaver13. Freddie Jones14. Daniel Graham15. Eric Johnson16. Desmond Clark17. Erron Kinney18. Teyo Johnson19. Jim Kleinsasser20. Anthony Becht21. Itula Mili22. Bubba Franks

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Sorry, I did all my rankings without giving first names... I'll be better next time.

1. Tony Gonzalez2. Todd Heap3. Alge Crumpler4. Jeremy Shockey5. Kellen Winslow Jr6. Dallas Clark7. Jason Witten8. Bubba Franks9. Antonio Gates10. Randy McMicheal(Legal)11. Freddie Jones12. Boo Williams13. Dan Graham14. LJ Smith15. Ben Troupe16. Marcus Pollard17. Itili Mili18. Byron Chamberlien19. Des Clark20. Brandon Manumula SL21. Anthony Becht22. Stephon Alexander

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1 Jeremy Shockey2 Todd Heap3 Tony Gonzalez4 Kellen Winslow5 Alge Crumpler6 Randy McMichael (May be revising this soon)7 Boo Williams8 Dallas Clark9 Byron Chamberlain10 Jason Witten11 L.J. Smith12 Bubba Franks13 Chris Baker14 Antonio Gates15 Teyo Johnson16 Freddie Jones17 Desmond Clark18 Marcus Pollard19 Daniel Graham20 Jerramy Stevens21 Erron Kinney22 Matt Schobel

22! I gotta come up with 22 tight ends - just kidding 1 Gonzales2 Shockey3 T.Heap4 A.Crumpler5 Winslow 6 Mili(sea)7 Williams(Nor)8 F.Jones9 M. Pollard10 Kinney(ten)11 Witten(dal)12 McMichael(mia)13 B.Franks14 Schobel(cin)15 B.Miller(hou)16 A.Becht17 D.Clark(chi)18 Graham19 D.Jolley20 M.Ricks(det)21 Kleinsasser22 K.Brady

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1. Tony Gonzalez2. Todd Heap3. Jeremy Shockey4. Alge Crumper5. Kellen Winslow II6. Bubba Franks7. Dallas Clark8. Boo Williams9. Freddie Jones10. Randy McMichael11. Stephen Alexander12. Itula Mili13. Daniel Graham14. Antonio Gates15. Jason Witten16. Marcus Pollard17. Jim Kleinsasser18.Anthony Becht19. Billy Miller20. LJ Smith21. Erron Kinney22. Desmond Clark

1. Tony Gonzalez2. Todd Heap 3. Jeremy Shockey4. Kellen Winslow 5. Alge Crumpler 6. Jason Witten7. Antonio Gates 8. Boo Williams9. Dallas Clark10. Byron Chamberlain11. Freddie Jones 12. Randy McMichael13. Desmond Clark14. Daniel Graham15. Teyo Johnson16. Itula Mili 17. Ben Troupe18. Billy Miller19. Jim Kleinsasser20. Marcus Pollard21. LJ Smith22. Eric Johnson

Looks like Gates is the big wildcard this season - in some people's top 10, outside the top 22 for others.

1. Tony Gonzalez, KC2. Jeremy Shockey, NYG3. Todd Heap, Bal4. Alge Crumpler, Atl5. Boo Williams, NO6. Kellen Winslow, Jr, Cle8. Bubba Franks, GB9. Dallas Clark, Ind10. Freddie Jones, Ari11. Daniel Graham, NE12. Marcus Pollard, Ind13. Itula Mili, Sea14. Jim Kleinsasser, Min15. Anthony Becht, NYJ16. Jason Witten, Dal17. Antonio Gates, SD18. Eric Johnson, SF19. Mikhael Ricks, Det20. Erron Kinney, Ten21. Desmond Clark, Chi22. LJ Smith, Phi

1 Tony Gonzalez2 Todd Heap3 Jeremy Shockey4 Alge Crumpler5 Kellen Winslow Jr.6 Randy McMichael7 Boo Williams8 Freddie Jones9 Dallas Clark10 Marcus Pollard11 Bubba Franks12 Daniel Graham13 Itula Mili14 Antonio Gates15 Jim Kleinsasser16 Jason Witten17 Anthony Becht18 Billy Miller19 L.J. Smith20 Desmond Clark21 Erron Kinney22 Teyo Johnson

22 Top TE's...1. Tony Gonzalez2. Todd Heap3. Jeremy Shockey4. Kellen Winslow II5. Alge Crumpler6. Boo Williams7. Antonio Gates8. Desmond Clark9. Freddy Jones10. Randy McMichael11. Jason Witten12. Marcus Pollard13. Bubba Franks14. Daniel Graham15. Dallas Clark16. Billy Miller17. Jim Kleinsasser18. Erron Kinney19. Anthony Becht20. LJ Smith21. Eric Johnson22. Jed Weaver

1. Tony Gonzalez2. Jeremy Shockey3. Todd Heap4. Alge Crumpler5. Kellen Winslow6. Boo Williams7. Antonio Gates8. Randy McMichael9. Bubba Franks10. Desmond Clark11. Marcus Pollard12. Daniel Graham13. Dallas Clark14. Erron Kinney15. Jim Kleinsasser16. Anthony Becht17. Freddie Jones18. Ben Troupe19. Billy Miller20. L.J. Smith21. Jason Witten22. Itula Mili

1. Gonzalez, T2. Heap, T3. Shockey, J4. Crumpler, A5. Winslow, K6. Williams, B7. McMichael, R8. Clark, Dallas9. Gates, A10. Franks, B11. Clark, Desmond12. Witten, J13. Kinney, E14. Jones, F15. Graham, D16. Kleinsasser,J17. Pollard, M18. Miller, B19. Smith, L.J20. Becht, A21. Mili, I22. Johnson, E

1 Tony Gonzalez2 Jeremy Shockey3 Todd Heap4 Kellen Winslow5 Freddie Jones6 Boo Williams7 Alge Crumpler8 Randy McMichael9 LJ Smith10 Dallas Clark11 Desmond Clark12 Jason Witten13 Bubba Franks14 Marcus Pollard15 Billy Miller16 Antonio Gates17 Jim Kleinsasser18 Anthony Becht19 Teyo Johnson20 Daniel Graham21 Ben Troupe22 Itual Mili

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1 Tony Gonzalez2 Jeremy Shockey 3 Alge Crumpler4 Antonio Gates5 Todd Heap6 Jim Kleinsasser7 Randy McMichael8 Freddie Jones 9 Boo Williams 10 Desmond Clark11 Anthony Becht12 Jason Witten13 Kellen Winslow - R14 Erron Kinney15 L.J. Smith16 Bubba Franks 17 Daniel Graham 18 Dallas Clark 19 Billy Miller20 Eric Johnson21 Italu Mili22 Marcus Pollard


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