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There is some decent talent in the FA pool 

I have 1.02.  1.10,   2.03, 2.04, 2.06.  

Denzel Mims, Terrace Marshall, Njoku, A Okwuegbunam, Bryan Edwards, J Palmer, Nico Collins, Isaiah McKenzie, Trubisky, Drew Lock and Mariota. RBs Kahlil Herbert, Bo Scott... Some of this guys have upside, some have roster filler/killer potential.  Just wondering how you compare them to later picks 2nd and 3rd round prospects.   

My League is 2QB 10Team PPR 2QB, 3WR, 2RB 1TE, 3flex,   you can start up to 6WRs, 4RB 3TE  in a week using the flex spots so I tend to relay on overloading WRs.     

QBs Wilson, Watson, Tua, Lance, 

WR: JJefferson, AJBrown, Waddle, Godwin, DJMoore, Laviska, Rondale Moore, Parris Campbell, 

RB: JTaylor, NChubb, JKDobbins, AJDillon, MCarter, RhStevenson, TrSermon, 

TE: Kelce, Goedert, Kmet, Trautman 

I'd personally love to target a top 5 QB Liker Burrow, Herbert Allen, , overall.  Acquire JChase, Kpitts,    Plan for life without Kelce killing it.  I'd move Godwin if value wasn't low. I htink I can trade DJMoore for #4 overall this year. I'd love a 2023 early 1st since I am defending champ.  I don't hate the idea of A Okwuegbunam being decent in DEN this year.   Probably Drafter Best of Hall/Walker at #2  Trade up for #4 take OLAVE per Waldman RSP.   See if I can keep #10 and get another player like Drake London or  maybe Watson, some upside sleeper.    Maybe get QBs in my later 2nds.  But also use my mutli early 2nds to get a FA.   

No one I draft this year is likely to start on my team on a regular basis barring injury etc. So I can be patient but I would like to win this year and 3peat!

Your WR and RB look pretty stacked. 1.02 Walker, 1.10 thru 2.03 If a WR or picket drops you like take him. If not you can probably trade back and maybe pick up some 23 picks or grab Trubisky, Mariota, or Lock. Maybe pick up some second rounders in a trade during the season, or at least have a nice QBBC


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