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TX Steel

12 team 0.5 PPR redraft. 100+ rushing/receiving bonus, 300+ passing bonus, 50+ yd TD bonus. 


QB: Luck, Winston

RB: Hunt, Miller, Ingram, White, Clement, Allen

WR: K Allen, Crowder, Gordon, Stills, Lockett, Golladay, Sutton

TE: Gronk

Available FAs:

Taywan Taylor


Alfred Morris

Tre’Quan Smith

Jeremy Hill

Chase Edmonds

John Kelly

Do you like any of these guys over some of my bench depth? Looking for high ceiling lottery tickets. 

Thanks, and please leave a link so I can return the favor!

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I like the strategy of going with some high-ceiling guys on the back end of my bench.  To me, J. (Buck) Allen doesn't fit that mix.  He'll get some touches, but if Alex Collins goes down I expect his role to stay the same and Kenneth Dixon to replace Collins.  I just can't envision starting J. Allen in any given week.  I would rather take a flier on a strong handcuff like: J Kelley, S Ware, K Dixon, C Edmonds, or A Ekeler.  Obviously those guys are basically useless in the current situations, but a turn of events vaults them into Top 15 options for a given week.  I don't think J Allen is a Top 30 option under any circumstances.



For Sutton, he sits behind Thomas & Sanders which might make it hard for him to get looks. A possibly swap would be Sutton for Taylor primarily because Taylor sits ahead of Corey Davis in line-up and Mariota will (hopefully) attack through the air more often.  HOWEVER, there is news that Sharpe MAY (once again MAY) be ahead of Taylor so it's always a gamble. That's just my opinion though, Sutton looks great but with a new QB and two better WR's ahead, it's hard for him to see consistent looks UNLESS one of the WR's goes down - that's when it'll possibly be a solid flex. In addition, Case Keenum only has had one solid season in his entire career, so who knows how he fares in Denver and their luck with QB's post-Peyton.

I've checked in the other FA's:

- Austin Ekeler will have to compete for looks between Allen, newly added TE Green (who we know in the past that Rivers likes his TE's), and Gordon. Williams/Benjamin aren't AS big threats but they're still pulling in yardage away from Ekeler. So he's off my list.

- Alfred Morris is good but he's way behind in the depth charter for the 49ers. You got McKinnon and Breida ahead but if that becomes wobbly (which may happen, based off from what I'm hearing here and there) Morris definitely will get some time in. But till then, I don't think they will utilize him much. So he's out.

- Tre'Quan Smith is a tough one. He's been playing well in pre-season but he has a TOUGH receiving corp to fight against for looks. Thomas/Ginn Jr/Kamara and starting Week 5, Ingram. He shows upside, but can't tell if he'll be able to shin among those players. He's a maybe.

- Jeremy Hill - I remember this guy started off with a BANG his first season, but he's last season wasn't that...appealing - then again he ONLY played seven games. He has potential I'll definitely say, but now that he's on the New England Patriots, it'll be hard for constant touches since they love running a committee of RB's. On top of that, they just drafted a RB in the first round so that'll be a crowded backfield. Picking him up is in the air right now since it'll be tough to know how they're going to run among the four RB's.

- Chase Edmonds: This'll be an interesting one. Not only is DJ coming back from a stellar 2016 season but he's coming back from an injury that knocked him out an entire season. I personally think DJ is going to bounce back but Edmonds definitely will be in the mix till DJ "plays catch-up". With Bradford/Rosen at helm, with Fitzgerald aside (because we all know he's not going down in targets), Edmonds actually may be a good pick-up early on. Now I can't say much about the other receivers because I've personally never had any luck with them, but I've heard a few good things about their new TE. He's a maybe.

- John Kelly looks like a phenomenal handcuff to Gurley. Been watching some of his preseason clips and they've been pretty good. He's got value in him definitely, but let's just say if Gurley ever goes down, this man will be RAKING in points for you. But as long as Gurley is healthy, he's not going to get much attention.

***  Possibly swap Sutton for Taylor | Smith/Hill are tough maybes | Edmonds/Kelly for Allen/Clement if you want to bite the risk ***

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