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FAAB Strategy - 1st Run (1 Viewer)

Hot Sauce Guy

I ask this as I've never been in this position before. I've played in FAAB leagues before, but never with a "1st run" (my other dynasty league has running waivers as soon as our rookie draft is completed)

In one of my leagues they handle FAAB like the high stakes leagues, where the 1st waiver run isn't until the 7th, day before the season. I've seen some past data indicating bids up to ~10% (for a low-end starting QB in SF). Since the orphan I took over has a lot of dead weight, and I have some depth needs at IDP & other spots, this waiver run is somewhat critical.

Every team has the same $$$ right now, and there are a few obvious targets at 1 low-end QB (SF), 1 potentially elite LB, 2x K and 1 potentially elite S, plus a couple depth pieces at RB (mandatory K, so they command 4th/5th round picks in trade if you can land extra). I've got some bids set up, and I feel like I've way over-bid for the pieces I really want/need - like, 8 of them. As entered, I'm spending ~70% of my FAAB budget to do this.

I have a team that could win it all this year, and getting all/most of these players could prove highly relevant to that. I'm also in a position where I have extra roster spots since I have so much flotsam on my roster.

In that context, strategy-wise, Is it crazy to dump ~70% of my budget into this 1st WW run? Or is it a good strategy, given this is the 1st run, with the most obvious players available at the most need positions, with everyone likely to over-spend a little since they all have full budgets?

Or would I be better off placing more modest bids, and playing it by ear as the season unfolds since players emerge on defense all the time?

Any insight on FAAB strategy would be appreciated. I haven't seen this discussed much and I value everyone's insight.

How do you handle 1st run FAAB?
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I'm a big believer in going big early if you think someone could be a league winner. Had 3 FBG leagues last year and Eli Mitchell was available in all 3 after week 1 when Mostert got hurt and Mitchell was the next man up.. Bid $901 in all three and only got him in 1. Wish I had gone completely in with a $950 bid and got him in all 3. Nobody else all year was an impactful off the wire. Never know of course and it's a strategy that can backfire if you're wrong.

In the first FBG league I did this year, both Nico Collins and Pacheco went updrafted. Will be interesting to see how high the winning bids are

Pip's Invitation

I agree with efactor. In my leagues the idea applies more to the bidding period after the week 1 games. But the idea is the same. The early bids are usually the most impactful on the whole season. I will spend a ton of FAAB in the first week if I think it’s warranted.

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