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Falcons at Saints (1 Viewer)

Falcons go 3 and out

Two decent Steven Jackson carries - he looks a lot meaner in red and black

nice shot of a Saints coach yelling at Lance Moore to stop taking so long showing off his pointing his first down and get the heck back in the huddle.

Ingram in on a play fake on first down. Sproles comes in next play catches a 1st down. Pierre Thomas gets the carry on next play, then Sproles gets a carry on the next. Then Pierre back in to pass block on 3rd down, blows his block catches dump off from Brees almost a 1st. Saints gor for it on 4th and inches, Ingram gets the call and doesn't even come close. Losses 2 yards, but the NO Def got a ton of penetration.

Needless to say, lots of rotating in and out for the RB's.

Ryan scrambles for a first. Slides and gets hit hard in the stomach by a NO defender Kenny Vacarro. Personal Foul.

Julio coughs it up - close on the replay but it is a fumble

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Looked like he was down at first, but on replay his knees aren't quite there yet before the ball came out.

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Payton must be out of it - after turnover he runs twice

and as I type he finally goes long to Colston for TD

SJax looked real good on a catch in the flat but then drops an easy one (although slightly behind him) on the next play.

Roddy White with a catch.

Sproles takes two big licks - he's on sideline trying to shake it off

Back in for a catch after 2 min warning

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Steven Jackson with a 50 yard run, but still looked pretty slow. Looks like the second coming of Michael Turner, both bad and good.

Douglas gets the target on 1st & goal, heavily covered. 2nd down SJax swallowed up for maybe a 2 yard gain. 3rd down JULIO TD!

Graham with a nice stretch out to make sure the ball breaks the plane before he goes out of bounds at the 1. TD!


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