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Falguy's Weekly Challenge (1 Viewer)

QB - Donovan McNabbRB - Onterrio SmithRB - Fred TaylorWR - Lavernous ColesWR - Chris ChambersWR - Terrell OwensTE - Randy McMichael K -Sebastian Janikowski

QB - Tommy MaddoxRB - Shaun AlexanderRB - Ladanian TomlinsonWR - Hines WardWR - Randy MossWR - Joey Galloway TE - Ernie ConwellK - David Akers

QB- Rich GannonRB- Ladanian TomlinsonRB- Fred TaylorWR- Terrell OwensWR- Rany MossWR- Lavareaus ColesTE- Jeremy ShockeyK- Jason Elam

QB Donovan McNabbRB Stephen Davis RB Ladanian TomlinsonWR Randy MossWR Chad Johnson WR Laveranues Coles TE Alge Crumpler K David Akers

QB - Rich GannonRB - Fred TaylorRB - Stephen DavisWR - Randy MossWR - Terrell OwensWR - Laveranues ColesTE - Jeremy ShockeyK - Aaron Elling

QB - Rich GannonRB - Priest HolmesRB - Shaun AlexanderWR - Randy MossWR - Darrell JacksonWR - Chad JohnsonTE - Tony GonzalezK - Jeff Reed

QB - Trent GreenRB - Stephen DavisRB - Fred TaylorWR - Terrell OwensWR - Eric MouldsWR - Koren RobinsonTE - Alge CrumplerK - Jason Elam

QB - Gus FrerotteRB - Stephen DavisRB - Fred TaylorWR - Terrell OwensWR - Randy MossWR - Laveranues ColesTE - Alge CrumplerK - Sebastian Janikowski

QB - Rich Gannon

RB - Stephen Davis

RB - LaDanian Tomlinson

WR - Koren Robinson

WR - Randy Moss

WR - Hines Ward

TE - Jeremy Shockey

K - Sebastian Janikowski

Hey Falguy, I liked The Fonz avatar better... but what do I know. ;)

QB - Drew BledsoeRB - Ahman GreenRB - LaDainian Tomlinson WR - Terrell OwensWR - Randy MossWR - David BostonTE - Jeremy ShockeyK- Sebastian Janikowski

QB - Donovan McNabbRB - Priest HolmesRB - LaDainian TomlinsonWR - Randy MossWR - Koren RobinsonWR - Hines WardTE - Tony GonzalezK - Billy Cundiff

QB - Matt HasselbeckRB - Stephen DavisRB - Ladainian TomlinsonWR - Terrell Owens WR - Laveranues ColesWR - Koren Robinson TE - Jeremy ShockeyK - Jason Elam

QB - Rich GannonRB - Fred TaylorRB - Moe WilliamsWR - Randy MossWR - Amani ToomerWR - Laveranues ColesTE - Shannon SharpeK - John Kasay

QB - Rich GannonRB - LaDainian TomlinsonRB - Ricky WilliamsWR - Randy MossWR - Terrell OwensWR - Koren Robinson TE - Desmond ClarkK - Jason Elam

Almost forgot!


QB - Kerry Collins

RB - Priest Holmes

RB - Charlie Garner

WR - Terrell Owens

WR - Randy Moss

WR - Darrell Jackson

TE - Desmond Clark

K - John Kasay

Hector & Victor

QB - Jeff Garcia

RB - LaDainian Tomlinson

RB - Priest Holmes

WR - Joey Galloway

WR - Randy Moss

WR - Laveranues Coles

TE - Shannon Sharpe

K - Owen Pochman

FBG Cheatsheets

QB - Jeff Garcia

RB - Priest Holmes

RB - LaDainian Tomlinson

WR - Terrell Owens

WR - Randy Moss

WR - Chad Johnson

TE - Alge Crumpler

K - Martin Gramatica

Hello All. Here goes week #5:QB - Quincy CarterRB - Fred TaylorRB - Shawn AlexanderWR - David BostonWR - Hines WardWR - Terrell OwensTE - Tony GonzalezK - Olindo Mare

QB - Gus FerroteRB - Priest HolmesRB - LaDainian TomlinsonWR - Hines WardWR - Eric MouldsWR - Jerry RiceTE - Alge CrumplerK - Rian Lindell

Doh!!! I submitted my picks in the wrong thread. (results thread) Looks like I'm not the only one either. I just drove in from Michigan, and went straight to my computer, and I did get my picks in, just in time 12:00pm. Otherwise I would just make the correction myself. Here is my Picks

. I hope you will still accept my line-up. Thanks Falguy.

QB-Matt HasselbeckRB-Ladainian TomlinsonRB-Priest HolmesWR-Randy MossWR-Terrell OwensWR-Marvin HarrisonTE-Tony GonzalazK-Matt Bryant

I've been out of town. I like to play the challenge and don't want to receive a 0. So, if ya find it in your heart to let me pick some guys late, I'd appreciate it.I'll just go off tonite's and tomorrow's games.QB---Tommy MaddoxRB---Amos ZereoueRB---Edgerrin JamesWR--Marvin HarrisonWR--Plaxico BurressWR--Hines WardTE---Marcus PollardK----Martin GramaticaIf it's a no go, that's cool, I'll understand. If it's a go, thanx.


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