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FanDuel tricked me out of $5 (1 Viewer)


Earlier in the week, I logged in to my FanDuel account and had a voucher for a monthly free play available. I clicked the voucher link and it took me to a Thanksgiving day contest. I threw in an entry and hoped to hit the freeroll lottery. When I logged in today, I discovered $5 missing from my account. I went into the history and it shows a $5 fee for that Thanksgiving day contest. That ticks me off. I know it is only $5, but it is the principle. I have been trying to contact someone through support, but it directs me through the chat where I just wait and wait. It just says 99+ in line ahead of me. Anyone else ever have an issue like this? Anyone have tips on actually getting support?
Well, I think my time at FanDuel has come to an end. They basically ran a bait and switch on me. I was in the support chat queue for over 2 hours. when my place in line came up all I got was a message saying no agents were available. There was a button to close the chat and a button to leave feedback. I was pissed at this point, so I decided I would leave some feedback. I clicked the feedback button and the window said something to the effect of "sorry you decided to leave the chat before an agent could get to you. If you are still having an issue please start a new chat." There was no mechanism available to leave feedback...no place to type anything...no link to a survey...nothing. Just a big FU from FD in my eyes. So they swindled me of my $5 and wasted over 2 hours of my time. Been playing for a number of years there. I cancelled my contest entries for this week and I am withdrawing my bankroll. Time to try Draft Kings, I guess. I had just signed up for their sportsbook recently too in anticipation of Ohio opening up in January. I'll take that business elsewhere too.
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