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Fantastic Fantasy Beasts - 24-Team Startup - 2 player copies - SF/TEP *11 Spots Left* (1 Viewer)


Why is it so hard to fill a league right now?!? I had an easier time in January/February in other startups, sheesh. Maybe I smell weird? Anyways, contact Sean at Shryan1434@gmail.com if interested!

MFL Site:https://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2022/home/73917#0


Anyways, we have 13 of 24 confirmed and would love for you to check out this fresh league with a slightly different setup than usual. Unique aspects include:

*24 Teams & 2 Player Copies (basically, the equivalent of a 12-man league player pool)

*14-week regular season like usual, but with 8 double-header weeks so that you play your 11 division mates twice. 22 matchups per season.

*Divisional standings are determined by Victory Points. For each of your 22 matchups, you will receive 1 point for a win. In addition, top 4 teams in weekly points will receive 2 points, middle 4 receive 1 point & bottom 4 receive zero. 66 victory points possible - all-play winning % will break any ties.

*After year one, divisions are "drafted" by the league champ & the runner-up. The disrespect here is very fun... That is, if you are on the right side of it!

*Playoff format - All-Play. 12 teams make the playoffs & the top two teams in each division receive byes. The eight remaining teams play against each other in week 15, with the top 4 scores advancing to the championship round. The 4 byes & 4 advancing teams play for two weeks (week 16 & 17) & the cumulative scores over this period determines finish. Wild volatility, potentially!

*Balancing the value of bell cow RBs and RBs in general with a couple of boosts. 0.25 points per carry & 0.125 points per yard rushing (RBs only).

*MFL league site graphics.

*Derby style draft using 100yardrush.com. Teams will select their draft slot according to their finish. The last team to select their draft slot will be the first to select their beast, while the selections move back towards the front of the pack.


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