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Fantasy Baseball Playoff Thread (1 Viewer)

Northern Voice

Let's see those lineups, matchups etc of your teams that made/are still in the fantasy baseball playoffs. In my local keeper (16 teams but very top heavy) H2H points, I have this:

Jansen/CSantana/Ramirez/Sano/Story/Benintendi/Bellinger/Soto/Hoskins ... Gausman (2 start)/Kershaw/Taillon/Vazquez/Givens/JAnderson


Cervelli/Carpenter/Albies/Machado/Torres/Puig/Dickerson/Gordon/Zobrist ... Roark (2 start)/Scherzer/Gibson/McHugh/Treinen/WDavis

I'm a very narrow favourite (CBS projects 199-194) and I finished 29-11 to his 23-17 but I don't feel overly confident. I have a lot on the bench (Mazara, Schwarber, Cano, Nimmo) but Nimmo may go on the DL, Mazara is playing in massive parks. I could put Cano at 2B and move JRamirez to 3B and bench Sano, but Sano just had a huge week.

In any case, what are you rolling with in the playoffs?



My catcher rotation of suck has ended up on Taylor Ward this week.

Berrios has had 3 of 4 bad outings, so I'm getting cute with a 2 start Wheeler over him.

Also rolling with a 2 start Brett Anderson since McCullers died and Big Maple may not be back this week.

Rest has been my lineup for most of the season - Gallo/Albies/Bregman/Lindor/T Turner/Chapman/Betts/Bellinger/Peralta/Mazara/Villar + Verlander/Corbin/Clevinger/E Diaz/F Vazquez


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