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Mr Clean

I help manage the fantasy college football leagues at Zealots Field. We have several openings this season.

Each league consists of 14 teams. Each roster is composed of 45 players and keep 30 year-to-year. Players can be rostered from all 125 FBS teams.

The leagues also have a unique twist involving teams being able to select a "home school" in which they can protect players from that college.

After using a private website for some time, we have moved to Fantrax for this season -- this is a big improvement for our leagues!

There is an annual fee with the leagues to pay for the message board and web site (less than $10); there is no payout, just play for fun.

The leagues are existing leagues, but given the turnover in college football players every four years at a maximum, rebuilding a fantasy college football team is a lot easier than rebuilding in pro football.

If you are interested in giving fantasy college football a try, or are experienced in fantasy college football and looking for a different experience, feel free to send me a PM and I can pass along more info. Thanks!

In case some of you aren't familiar with Fantrax, I will post some screenshots for you to get an idea how the site looks.

This is the main page of one of our leagues (sorry I guess FBG doesn't allow pictures):


A sample roster page:


A glimpse at the FA list -- this is of the top 15 QB, sorted by passing yards:


If you would like to look at anything else, please just let me know! :thumbup:

We have had five new owners join KCFA, but still need two more.

Both our leagues are Fantrax Premium Leagues, and since they are not full, they are not paid in full -- therefore, I can't list them.

Here are the two remaining teams left:


QB Browning, Kolton (Sr) QB - ULMon
QB Brunetti, Barry (Sr) QB - Miss
QB McCarron, AJ (Sr) QB - Ala
QB Millard, Paul (Jr) QB - WVU
QB Robinson, Corey (Sr) QB - Troy
QB Scheelhaase, Nathan (Sr) QB - Ill
RB Andrews, Antonio (Sr) RB - W Ky
RB Buie, Andrew (Jr) RB - WVU
RB Coleman, J.C. (Sp) RB - VaTec
RB Garrison, Dustin (Jr) RB - WVU
RB Gray, Johnathan (Sp) RB - Tex
RB Grice, Marion (Sr) RB - AzSt
RB Hill, Barkley (Fr) RB - Iowa
RB Jackson, Frankie (Jr) RB - ArkSt
RB Pierson, Tony (Jr) RB - Kans
RB Smith, Jerome (Sr) RB - Syr
WR Campbell, Dante (Sp) WR - WVU
WR Grigsby, Noel (Sr) WR - SJSU
WR Huff, Josh (Sr) WR - Oreg
WR Long, Deon (Jr) WR - MD
WR Richardson, Paul (Jr) WR - Colo
WR Shipley, Jaxon (Jr) WR - Tex


QB Carden, Shane (Jr) QB - ECU
QB Golson, Everett (Jr) QB - ND
QB Halliday, Connor (Jr) QB - WaSt
QB Hill, Taysom (Sp) QB - BYU
QB Sherry, Nick (Sp) QB - UNLV
RB Alisa, Michael (Sr) RB - BYU
RB Bennett, Isaac (Jr) RB - Pitt
RB Brown, Malcolm (Jr) RB - Tex
RB Cornett, Tim (Sr) RB - UNLV
RB Daniels, Akeem (Sr) RB - NIU
RB Iosefa, Joey (Sp) RB - Hawaii
RB Shell, Rushel (Sp) RB - Pitt
RB Waller, Marteze (Sp) RB - Fres
RB Williams, Jared (Sp) RB - SMU
WR Franklin, Austin (Jr) WR - NMSt
WR Grant, Ryan (Sr) WR - Tul
WR Harding, Scott (Jr) WR - Hawaii
WR Holman, Keenan (Sr) WR - SMU
WR Johnson, Jeremy (Sr) WR - SMU
WR Myers, KJ (Sp) WR - WVU
WR Roberts, Kendrick (Sp) WR - WestMI
WR Shipley, Jaxon (Jr) WR - Tex
WR Thompson, Der'rikk (Jr) WR - SMU
WR Williams, Kristoff (Jr) WR - WaSt
TmD Oreg TmD

I did want to mention that our KCFA leagues are part of the Zealots Field organization. Normally, we would have you complete an application before awarding a new owner a team, but to speed up the process, you may elect to join KCFA and pick a team, AS LONG as it is known that you will complete and submit the application within 24-48 hours. Some of the application isn't applicable to KCFA -- our main interest from the application is to learn a bit about you, that you agree to the Rules, Code of Conduct, fees, and what is expected of you as an owner.

I would like to list the entire Rules and Code of Conduct documents, but that would make quite a lengthy post. But don't let the application be a deterrent; it's mostly a formality. We just want guys that want to participate! Let me know if you would like any addition information.
We have one team remaining for this season. The KCFA1 (with Kolton Browning) has been taken by a FBG.

The KCFA3 team (with Shane Carden) is the only one remaining. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to take over this team and join us. Thanks.


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