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Fantasy Football 101: Footballguys Event in Austin TX, Sat Aug 24 @Ho (1 Viewer)



Fantasy Football 101

Free Event!

Saturday August 24th, Noon-3pm.

Hopfields 3110 Guadalupe, Austin, TX

New to Fantasy Football and need a jump start?

Want to discuss strategy with some local experts?

presented by the Street Team at FootballGuys.com, featuring:

Sigmund Bloom (Footballguys, The Audible, Bleacher Report) and Alex Dunlap from RosterWatch

Noon-1pm: What is Fantasy Football: The Basics

1pm-2pm: Preparing for Your Draft: Rankings, Cheat Sheets, Draft Strategies

2-3pm: Experts Panel: Live Mock Draft, Players We Love, Players We Are Avoiding, Sleepers

Please RSVP@ AustinFBG@gmail.com

This won't be 'just' basic FF, as it depends on who shows up.

Please forward to anyone you know in the Austin area. Thanks!

This sounds like a great event for newcomers to this hobby! Kudos for landing Bloom and Dunlap for your experts panel! Any new fantasy footballers in and around Austin would be foolish not to attend this event.

Being a FBG Street Team Member, I'm pleased to see that FBG hasn't totally given up on their marketing, event coordination and community outreach program.

:football: :hifive:

Wouldn't you grab more people by cutting the "101" stuff?

Has to be a minute minority of this world that is "new" to FF right?

Heck, wish I could go to that (I go to Austin pretty often...), but my $$$ league draft is that night! If you ever need help in NO, let me know!

If you've ever wanted to talk FF with me over beers for a few hours, this is your chance! Thanks to Will for putting it together.

matuski said:
Wouldn't you grab more people by cutting the "101" stuff?

Has to be a minute minority of this world that is "new" to FF right?
Good point...we've got a basic agenda, but it will depend completely on the folks that show up 'what' we end up talking about.

At worst, you load Sig up with some of the 30+ beers on tap and get all your FF questions answered (and/or legal questions + recommendations on 1960s Blue Note Jazz).


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