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Fantasy Football League ($50 entry, 12 teams) (1 Viewer)

PV Sports

Hey boys, in a desperate need for three more players for a 12 man $50 entry league (don't want to make this a 10 man league) needing to be filled before the draft this Sunday (September 2nd)!

It is a 100% money leagues, meaning I am NOT taking a percentage of the prize pool for organizing it; though I will be competing with you guys in the fantasy league!

I have created a crappy little website, www.sportsleagues.webs.com , to make it easier to sign-up as well as to explain the cash distribution and the fantasy league rules.

If you, your friends/colleagues/family, are interested then please send them to that website or e-mail me at: pittvipersports@gmail.com for more details.

Thanks for reading and if me posting my link violates this sites "spam" policies, then let me know so I can remove the link.

Cheers and good luck this year football fans!

Matthew Bittle - PittViper


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