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In order to pull this off it appears we can only go FAAB ($200) of our own "real" money waiver on Tuesday in order to have FA available to pick up after that is over. Then I changed the default 2 day wait to one day. So, no one can pick someone up immediately but can once everyone notices the dropped player. I'm not exactly sure how this all shakes out until we go through a week together. This is all new to our league and my job right now is educating the best I can. We also have waiver priority and then once used you go to the back of the bus. Does this happen if you just use free FA pick up as well?

I know I can ask this in the forum as well...

Best of skill all you Sharks Lol 

This ^ makes complete sense and is NOT an option for yahoo you can only have 1waiver day Tues or NO FAs at all with FAAB silly yes

TIME  not sure what youre reading or what you gave as info when you signed up this is what I get on NOTES at the side of the time selection page

"All draft times are shown in EDT.

The first day of regular season games is Thursday, Sep 6."

If you signed up to yahoo with PDT as default then youre correct CAN BE CHANGED under settings mail I think? you can check your setting on team page click gear top right

You've been a huge help to me being a new Commish and bringing our league to Yahoo and educating me. Kudos!

I hope I get all the settings correct. Now, to follow along on a typical week... is this correct...

1) FAAB bidding on Tuesday midnight PDT time, which is 3 am EST, then...

2) Highest blind gets the player (and ties on the bid?), then the dropped player goes back into the pool for one full day or available on Friday. Do these players need waiver wire free pick ups to put in a claim? *Drop a player on Sunday and it's Tuesday before they show up? And as I recall if a team drops a player they can't be the first claim them back?

3) And the other FA come Wednesday morning are free FA 1st come, 1st served?

4) All dropped players take one full day to show up again according the the 1 day waiver wire setting I set, correct?

Settings as of now

Trade Reject Time:1 day

Waiver Time:1 day

Waiver Type:FAAB w/ Continual rolling list tiebreak

Weekly WaiversGame Time - Tuesday

Allow injured players from waivers or free agents to be added directly to injury slot:Yes

Post Draft Players:Follow Waiver Rules

5) Where / how can I find Follow Waiver Rules???

Any of you yahoo guys having trouble with the phone app?

Mine updated a few days ago, I've been unable to open it since

Mine updated a few days ago, I've been unable to open it since
The usual answer is sign out delete update reinstall Yahoo has made terrible updates for the app an art form

is this correct..
1  correct deadline actual process time varies 

2 High bid wins which can be $0 ties broken by waiver priority, Dropped players wednesday are on waivers and will goto highest bidder processed Friday morning

3 yes Note Players without claims can be picked up before the waiver claims are actually posted on yahoo

4 yes make sure to tell owners 1 day is NOT 24 hrs in yahoo world. The day theyre dropped does not count. If a player is picked up then dropped in the same day they remain a FA and do NOT get placed on waivers this prevents churning. There is also a situation where players dropped in the Tues waiver run who play Thursday cannot be claimed until following tuesday

5 Post draft follow waiver rules means after your draft is complete all undrafted players will be on waivers for 1 "yahoo" day (your setting)  at the bottom of every page is a "help" that your leaguemates or you can use to get the official yahoo answer


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