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Fantasy Football w/IDPs needs owners (1 Viewer)


Unusual setup for experienced players
*League is Best Ball format - w/ pickups
*all vs all schedule - each week play every day. Top teams move onto the playoffs
*to avoid controversy there are no trades allowed
*positions used: team QB, team K, RB, WR, TE, DL, LB, DB. Each week, based on lineup requirements .best 8 offense and 7 defensive players count
*stats by MFL (my fantasy league.com) and a weekly league wrap up on YouTube (Johnny Gazoo)

Last year there were two divisions of 13 teams (separate drafts). This years goal is to have four 10-12 team leagues. Three drafts will be LIVE in person in Connecticut and a fourth league on-line.

Fee =$200- prefer Venmo or PayPal. payoffs are instant and 100% (minus league costs) will be be clearly stated once league is full

If interested let me know and I can answer any questions you may have.


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