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Fantasy Football Website For Sale with 3 custom leagues (1 Viewer)

Gridiron Grunts

Here is your chance to run muiltple leagues with a direct website!

I have had some changes in my life and will not be able to give the time to running muilitple leagues.

I started this project in January of this year and invested alot of time into this project. The site was professionally done by the guys at Nitrografixx and it came out great. Here is what you get a great domain name in 4th-n-goal, hosting has been paid for the year, the offical 4th-n-goal website and three leagues (the leagues have not been paid for yet). Come check out the site http://4th-n-goal.com/

I'm only looking to get out of it what I invested with was $1500. The site was $1000 and the graphics $500 I'm throwing in the domain name cost and hosting which was $100.

If interested please email me at gridiron.grunts@yahoo.com

Thank you




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