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Fantasy players not removing injured/bye week players in fantasy conte (1 Viewer)


Hey FootballGuys players, I don't know if this is the right place for me to post this message but I need some advice.

In my 96-team, 8 league contest, I have had many emails, texts, etc. regarding other teams who have not set lineups in my contest. The reason why is because teams telling me about this are involved in the playoff hunt with other teams playing teams who have or have not left in bye week players, possibly disrupting the playoff teams going forward.

While I understand why all teams need to set their lineups and leave bye week players out, what can commissioners and administrators do to minimize this practice? It is hard for commissioners and administrators to police teams and remind owners to set lineups.

I guess for starters, having divisions determined totally random and not allowing friends or familiar people being in same division?

Policing everybody in a 96-team competition would be tough. I have a hard enough time in my 12 person leagues. However, there is a new fantasy site coming out next year that I am working with. Its called FantasyHub and they offer free injury/bye protection so, as a commissioner, if you choose it as a setting all the teams in your leagues will automatically have their injured or bye week players swapped for bench players 15 min before gametime. Pretty neat.

Learn more at www.fantasyhub.com


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