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Fantasy Strategy with Bush-Bowlers (1 Viewer)


I made my fantasy league's super bowl. Weeks ago I picked up Andre Johnson with his great match-up in mind. Now I'm second guessing myself. Would I want to start a player who will be booed by his own fans when catching a pass? I was also considering picking up Frank Gore for his great match-up. Would he trip over his own feet? Will the defenses play so weakly that this game will be really high scoring? Or will the offenses play so ineptly that the defenses could watch from the side-lines? What will this game look like?

I honestly feel that this game will look like any other week. The players aren't going to roll over. Any professional athelete has too much pride to throw a game for a draft choice, and I guarantee you that Dom Capers isn't going to play to lose since he won't get a sniff of Reggie Bush seeing as he's gone at the end of the season.I'm playing both Carr and Johnson and expect good games from both.

I doubt the Bush stuff has any effect.

But if it does, the last guys you need to worry about are the RBs. You think Gore is going to tank it so the 49ers can draft a guy to take his job?


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