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Drew Peacocks

I am a fantasy football team owner on fantrax and was recently called out for collusion by a footballguys forum member named Deamon who also uses the same name for his team in my league. After just responding (with factual links to screenshots of our league) to his thread he created here in which he misrepresented and mischaracterized me, he quickly deleted his "Fantrax Collusion Issue" thread. Because of this, I am re-creating his thread in an effort to clear the air.

Let me start by prefacing this with some information. Our league is 12 player, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, 1DEF. There is no trading and waiver wires complete at 6pm pst every wednesday.

In his thread (which he deleted), he stated that a team he called Team A (which is me) knowingly conspired with Team B in an effort to gift Matt Ryan to me off the waiver wire. He assumed that when Team B dropped Matt Ryan, he knew that I was 1st in priority for the next draft. However this logic is flawed for one obvious reason he failed to acknowledge. When Team B dropped Matt Ryan he was 1st in waiver wire priority and he used his transaction to drop Matt Ryan and pick up Wayne Gallman. What he failed to realize is that when Team B dropped Matt Ryan, he had no idea who would be 1st priority the next week to pick up Matt Ryan and simply assumed because I ended up with 1st priority that I must be colluding with Team B to make this happen.

Team B had no way of knowing who would be 1st priority because the waiver wire priority is not adjusted until AFTER all transactions have been completed. I only became #1 in priority because the players above me in the order chose to make a WW transaction which bumped me to the top. Yet Deamon has repeatedly failed to understand this and has jumped to the conclusion that Matt Ryan in all his greatness in a 1QB league must have surely been fraudulently placed on the WW so someone in collusion with Team B could 'better' their team.

Deamon chose to call me out in league chat, calling me names and accusing me of collusion repeatedly. I warned him that if he chooses to keep name calling I would report him to Fantrax admin. He promptly called me more names several times. I reported him and Fantrax removed his chat privileges.

Some interesting facts about this issue:
1. Matt Ryan has averaged 20.5pts over the course of his career. In a 1QB league, replacing a 20pt QB is very easy since there are only 12 teams yet there are 32 NFL starting QB's every week. Sure not all are good but it's actually simple (some would say beneficial) to stream your QB's, especially if you don't get Mahomes. Sure Matt Ryan has had some up and down years but he is, and never will be, a QB worth colluding over in 1QB leagues imo. 
2. Team B "DRAFTED" Rob Gronkowski, Doug Martin and Jay Ajayi. 3 guys not even on the fantasy football radar. Throughout the entire season and even right now as I type this, Team B has 3 open spots on his roster and seems quite clueless. Ironically, Team B is in 1st place in our league which goes to show everyone how much luck is involved in fantasy football.

Deamon falsely stated in his thread here that I had just lost Ben as my QB and was desperate for a QB. I proved him wrong by uploading my entire transaction list for the season which I will do again in this thread. I never owned Ben, he just used that to make his narrative sound better. I've owned Trubisky, Foles, Brissett and a couple others but kept losing them to injuries. 

I am posting this because I feel like it's my duty to clear my name and also get the record straight. Not only did I not collude with anyone in our league and legally speaking our league has a "Can't Drop List" which elite players are put on. Any other player is free to be placed on waivers at your discretion. Matt Ryan has never been and never will be on that list, the only QB on it is Mahomes. 

When I picked up Matt Ryan off the WW I also added Jimmy G because he matches up well with Ryans' bye week and tough weeks to give me solid QB play for the rest of the season.

One bit of truth Deamon stated was that 1 day after our WW transactions finished (on thursday Sept 26th) I responded to his accusations in our league chat by saying "If you think I'd just blow my #1 priority on the WW by taking Matt Ryan then it explains why you're in last place in our league". This is true and he used this statement as an anchor for his argument on me colluding. What he fails to realize is that when I said it, I meant it but no responsible fantasy player is going to make a final decision on who they will take in the next WW wednesday 6 days earlier on a thursday. Any good player is going to wait and see who gets injured and then make a decision the next week just before the WW wednesday comes around. Replacing a QB to get you 20pts is simple but adding an RB or WR that just stepped in to a larger role because of injury is far more valuable. Unfortunately there were no major injuries that week (John Ross did open up Auden Tate) but my team was fine and since I was streaming QB's, I dropped Gardner Minshew and grabbed Matt Ryan and also Jimmy G on the same day. 

Anyway, I'm sure some of the members of this forum who responded to Deamon will remember some of the details.

What I'd also like to point out is that not only was it not even possible for Team B to know who would get 1st priority in the draft and create a case for collusion but Deamon himself has curiously thrown Tyreek Hill and Evan Engram on the waiver wire. I have no said a word about it and never called him out for collusion but I'm sure some will be questioning his integrity. I will include a screenshot of his transactions as proof.

Deamon, I'll say it again. I did not come here for a fight with you. I came here because people deserved to know the truth and I will not stand idly by while my name is dragged through the mud. If you choose to apologize to me I will do my best to get Fantrax to give you back your chat privileges. Like I said in your thread before you deleted it, I'm willing to forgive and forget but I won't watch you throw accusations around and name call me without responding in force. Dude, I'm a 50 year old fantasy sports addict with tons of time on my hands. Trust me it wasn't hard finding you. 

I was worse off than you when I was 1-5 in a league last year, I won 8 straight to finish 9-5 and ended up winning the league. You're not out of it at 1-3 although it might be difficult now that you've given away Tyreek Hill and Evan Engram. Anyway, you can choose to apologize or you can choose to keep throwing accusations. Heck, you might delete your account and disappear or just ignore this, I don't know. I came here to tell my side of the story, how this ends is up to you.

This is a link to your transactions

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This is a link to every transaction I've made this year, notice Ben is not on it?

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I welcome any and all comments, good or bad. You won't hurt me feelings and I'm not here to argue with anyone. I'm just one of those guys that has far too much time on his hands to watch his name get tarnished by someone who refuses to look at the facts and instead jumps to baseless conclusions. I will gladly provide more information if needed.

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I hope this thread serves as a lesson to all fantasy players. Yes there are unscrupulous players out there who collude and cheat their way to victory but before you start calling them out please make sure you have facts on your side. Speculating and assumptions are useless and I'm sure we have all seen our share of 'strange' or 'questionable' moves made by people. However we all need to remember, every Fantasy site will have rules to protect players from collusion. It might be a "Can't Drop List" or a "Can't Trade List" but there are mechanisms in place to prevent people from cheating. There is going to be times where something looks fishy, just as in this case here but it doesn't mean someone did something fraudulently. Get your facts straight and if you accuse someone, do it through your league administrator. Don't name call and drag the person through league chat. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and let your league administrator know about it.
That's my opinion anyway and I hope at the very least this thread serves a purpose to future fantasy players.

Drew Peacocks thanks for coming in and telling your side of the story.  It helps to clear the air on this topic.  I wish this would happen more, oftentimes this board hears one side of a story and people jump to conclusions.  

My comment in the old thread was that I thought the team with 3 roster spots didn't know what he was doing.  I also said given the facts is appeared strange on paper, but that dropping Ryan for Gallman was just adding the pickup for that week.  I didn't say it in that thread, but I don't view Ryan as some world beater.  I think Gallman in a one QB league was more valuable short term.

Those that overreacted are probably feeling some regret right now.  

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