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Fbg Homer Thread (1 Viewer)

Have been, and always will be, an Aints, I mean Saints fan. This is our year baby! (Like I havnt been saying that for the last 15 years! :D )

Vikings and now Panthers, too.but I've lived in Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago as well. Nice draft picks, eh?

Place saverMore Vikings fans than should be allowed to congregate in one place. Steeler fans too.Front post updated up to here (I threw jake in too as it was the end of the page).

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I guess you can make it 5 Pats fans. And with the way the D is shaping up (Harrison and Colvin), and hopefully 2 impact Down Linemen in the 1st round, and McGehee in the 3rd this year, this should be a great year for the Pats. (2nd Round)-WR

The Beloved Silver and Black, of course. Better known to Chris Berman as Da RAAAAAAAAAAAIDAAAAAAAASSSSS !!!!! Luv hearing him say that on Draft Day!!!

Wow, only three Seahawks fans so far. That's good though! :whistle: When we start winning, nobody will accuse us of being dreaded bandwagon fans :hot:


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