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FBG News Headlines...can FBGs please take their work seriously? (1 Viewer)


For those of you that still use the Latest News ticker here at FBGs, they really don’t give much thought to their headlines.  Way too many times we get blurbs like this one from earlier today:

HEADLINE:  Giants | Odell Beckham added to injury report    Fri Dec 7, 04:12 PM

TEXT:  New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (quadriceps) was limited during practice Friday, Dec. 7, but is not on the injury report for Week 14.

I have learned to live with the random writers’ opinions being off base from the article...we are so jaded by rotoworld that that barely causes a blink.  But really, how much effort does it take to synch a headline to a one-sentence blurb?


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