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FBG Poker League Season III (Debut Feb. 21st) (1 Viewer)

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I'm not sure if any shark members are poker players and don't frequent the FFA but just in case thought I would post this here as well. Sorry if that's not the case.


You can sign up for any tournament along the way but would like to get an idea of how many will be in.

First, the league will run 15 tournaments from February 28th to June 6th. Members will be ranked by average points per tournament (minimum 6 to be eligible). The schedule can be found on the site but tournaments will be on every other Tuesday and every other Sunday at 9PM ET. No commitments, you can play in 1 or you can play in all 15 if you want to but must play in at least 6 to actually be ranked.

Second, there were 7 votes for option B so I will throw this out there. If 20 people are interested in this, league "B" members will play in the tournaments along with everyone else and will receive points for where they finish among other league "B" members only. The only difference is that each tourney they will send $5 to me via Stars to be used in the final tournament for just league "B" members involving the top 30% in total points. There will be a minimum 5 (so you must send $25 before it begins to ensure you are in 5) and a maximum of 10. If you want to play more than 10, any after the 10th will only count towards your league "A" average among the FBG as a whole. All spots in the final tournament will pay out. If this happens min for the final tourney pot would be $500 (20 people x $25(5 tourneys each)).

League "B" members will also be a part of League "A".

Depending how well this one runs we could start another 15-tourney season at the conclusion of this one that would run from mid/late June to around September?

League "A" - Play N Go as you want Members (3)

Chris Bruce, Helm, FFchamps01

League "B" - $5 towards final tourney Members (1)...need min 20

Chris Bruce

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