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FBGs Top 3 songs: Madonna (closed) (1 Viewer)

comfortably numb

Ill close the open ones from the past few days tomorrow.

Very simple... list your top 3 songs in order with #1 being your favorite.

I'll tally up the numbers awarding 3pts for your 1st place vote and 1pt for your 3rd place.

Feel free to discuss and make funnof each other's top 3. Ill let this run til I'm bored and feel like tallying up the scores.


Live to tell	31
Borderline	    22
Crazy for you	20

Into the groove	19
Like a prayer	17
Open your heart	10
Vogue	10
La isla bonita	10
Material girl	8
Get into the groove	7
Beautiful stranger	6
Lucky star	6
Ray of light	6
Express yourself	6
Papa don't preach	5
Holiday	5
This used to be my playground	4
Oh father	4
Don't tell me	2
Frozen	2
Deeper and deeper	2
Cherish	2
Burning up	2
4 minutes	1
Causing a commotion	1
Dear Jessie	1
Hung up	1
The power of goodbye	1
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1.  Beautiful Stanger

2.  Ray of Light

3. Dear Jessie (purely for nostalgic reasons...kissed the girl in grade 8 when this was playing)


Into The Groove

Live To Tell

Honorable mention but she had a lot of good movie sound track songs in the 90s... 

Take A Bow, This Used To Be My Playground and I'll Remember are excellent.

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Last night I dreamt of San Pedro
It all seems like yesterday, not far away

Tropical the island breeze
All of nature wild and free
This is where I long to be

I think she has a few that stand the test of time ...

La Isla Bonita

Crazy for You - this is possibly still the song where all boys grab their first boob

Like a Prayer

The last vote knocked Into the groove out and brought Crazy for you IN

added to the spotify playlist

Live to tell 31

Borderline 22

Crazy for you 20


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