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FBGs Top 3 songs: Tom Petty (closed) (1 Viewer)

comfortably numb

Very simple... list your top 3 songs in order with #1 being your favorite.

I'll tally up the numbers awarding 3pts for your 1st place vote and 1pt for your 3rd place.

Feel free to discuss and make funnof each other's top 3. Ill let this run til I'm bored and feel like tallying up the scores.

1. Learning to fly

2. Free Fallin

3. Dont come around here no more


American girl	        58
Refugee	                30
Mary Janes last dance	28

Breakdown	25
Running down a dream	23
The waiting	22
Learning to fly	21
You got lucky	21
Free fallin	18
Don't come around here no more	15
Here comes my girl	13
I need to know	13
Rebels	11
You don't know how it feels	10
Jammin me	10
Wild flowers	9
Even the losers	9
Don't do me like that	7
Lousiana Rain	7
I won't back down	7
Listen to her heart	6
Women in love	4
Swingin'	4
Stop dragging my heart around	4
To find a friend	3
Southern accents	3
Yer so bad	3
The wild one, forever	3
A woman in love	3
It's good to be king	3
Fooled again	2
End of the line	2
Into the great wide open	2
You and I will meet again	2
Cabin down below	2
Time to move on	2
LSD girl	1
Wake me up	1
Trailer	1
Handle with care	1
You wreck me	1
Love is a long road	1
A higher place	1
Walls	1
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Eephus's Great Great Great Love Child

Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)

Mary Jane's Last Dance



He's got so many great songs though. Why go chalk?
I went chalk, but I guess part of that is because I never listened to Petty enough to get tired of them. I still get excited and turn up American Girl if it comes on the radio. On the flip side, there’s a lot of other bands who I still enjoy but can’t stand their popular songs because I’ve heard them a million times. 


Don Quixote

American Girl

Learning to Fly

Last Night (time with Traveling Wilburys count?  If not, Refugee)

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