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FBGs Top 3 songs: U2 (closed) (1 Viewer)

comfortably numb

Ill close the open ones from the past few days tomorrow.

Very simple... list your top 3 songs in order with #1 being your favorite.

I'll tally up the numbers awarding 3pts for your 1st place vote and 1pt for your 3rd place.

Feel free to discuss and make funnof each other's top 3. Ill let this run til I'm bored and feel like tallying up the scores.

Closest race thus far

Where the streets have no name	31
Pride							28
Sunday bloody Sunday			27

New Years day	19
Bad	17
One	13
With or without you	13
I still haven't found	11
I will follow	10
Red Hill mining town	9
Running to stand	9
All I want is you	7
The unforgettable fire	7
Acrobat	7
Gloria	6
So cruel	6
Bullet the blue sky	5
Love is blindness	5
Until the end of the world	4
Beautiful Day	4
Who's gonna ride your wild horses	4
October	3
When love comes to town	3
Seconds	3
Kite	3
Two hearts beat as one	3
The Fly	3
Angel of Harlem	3
Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me	3
City of blinding lights	3
I threw a brick through a window	3
Desire	2
Spanish Eyes	2
Stay	2
So cruel	2
Staring at the sun	2
The sweetest thing	2
One tree hill	2
A sort of homecoming	2
Salome	2
Exit	2
Mysterious Ways	1
Drowning man	1
Numb	1
Father Christmas	1
Ultraviolet	1
Even better than the real thing	1
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Tough one since so many of their songs sound the same 

1. I Still Haven’t Found...

2. Bullet the Blue Sky

3. Where the Streets Have No Name

All I Want Is You
Where the Streets Have No Name

I hated leaving The Unforgettable Fire and Until the End of the World off.

I couldn’t do this list after #1.  

1.  Bad

could then pick 20 songs. 

Hate on U2 all you want but they arguably have 2 of the greatest ballads ever: WOWY and One.  When you hear these on the radio the next song played, without fail, will be a let down.  

The little Things that give you away and every breaking wave are also all timers.  Bono has the greatest male voice of his generation imo.   Exhibit A: https://youtu.be/cszigsFaChc

Outside of the Beatles, this is easily the deepest catalog of all time. 

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Hawkmoon 269

The rest of their catalog, with a few exceptions, is pretty much ish.  Angel of Harlem is sorta good-esque.

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