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Feely still K for NYJ wk 13? (1 Viewer)


What is the latest with the K position for NYJ?

Is Nugent still injured? Is he out for week 13? I'm looking to pickup Feely so I want to be sure he will be starting.

I need Nugent for the 35K contest....is he coming back or not??????
I got knocked out this past week because of him. I only drafted one kicker (my fault there), but made it up to Week 12 w/o any kicker points. I was hoping he would come back by Week 8-9, but alas it never happened...
There is painfully little information about this ...

The last we knew Nugent is Probable ... for Week #12 ...

If his was probable for Week #12 and was not activated, what does that mean for Week #13?

Feely has made his last 10 in row! If you are Mangini would you mess with this situation?

I would be riding Feely until the end of the season and maybe use Nugent only for Kick-Offs. They have the same FG-made % at a bit over 81%, and Feely is actually better over 50 yards with nearly a 50% success rate; Nugent is only 33% ...

i dont anticipate seing nugent kicking FG's again this year. The jets are gonna stick with whats working. Nuge will get a shot to win his job back in camp.


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