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I've looked and haven' t seen any threads on this.Forum Police - :( Sorry if this is the wrong area for this topic.I'm looking to change my mojo here, Just like all the teams that recently changed there logo's and then went on to win the SB. Being the commish in our league I'm probably going with "The Commishinator" :thumbup:So, What's the best FF team names you guys have seen.

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We have several good ones in our league, but my guys (and myself) lean more towards the sexual references. I also like for a team name to have some location in it. For example, my team is the O Town AssKnockers. One of my guy's team is called the East Side Throat Pokers, we also have the Summit Moisture Missles, etc.That being said, I thought of a good name for a team, but since I have no intentions of changing my name someone else can have it. Try this on; The (insert city name) Slo Kidz. :excited:

One of the guys in our home league this year is going with...

Catholic School Girls In Trouble

I've been the Overofficious Jerks and the Chitown Moles for a while. I'm Vinny in all the other boards but since this is a fantasy football board I use one of my long time team names.

The Jerks name comes from Marv Levy in his famous clip where he gets mad at a ref and calls him an Overofficous Jerk!, and the Chitown Mole name comes from the fact that my Father was an old Bears fan and I thought PFT's ridiculous CTM references was a good match for me in memory of my deceased Father.

Not 'great' names...but I figured I'd toss my team names up there.

Thanks, We had a guy with the team name Purple Headed Yogurt Slingers. That one got alot of laughs. Amish Rake Fight is pretty funny too!N.Y. shreks - I did a search and it came up zilch.CSG's in trouble is so right on the money, I know first hand about those BAD :excited: but oh so good CSG's since I went to Catholic school from 1st grade through 12th.I remember that Levy clip that's funny - Usually see it once a year on ESPN.Do I get a :thumbup: or a :thumbdown: On "The Commishinator"It's was suggested to me that I try to find something that fits my problem and why I'm trying to change my mojo. For the last five years now I usually have the best draft and usually have the highest points and win totals but for some crazy injury or bad luck I have finished 2nd twice, 3rd and 4th once and last year was really hard. I was in last place most the season but recoverd with a five week win streak and won our Toilet bowl. I have won the most games, the most money and I'm the commish so I do most all the work. but that really doesn't mean squat to me until I have our league Trophy! How about "Charlies Clavicle" being a long time suffering Lions fan. I think this could be a super year in Detroit!

:thumbdown: on the Commishinator. You are sure to lose with that name.

Shortbus All-stars is nice.

D-Town Muff Divers?? :thumbup:
There has been a team in my league that has used the ShortBus All-Stars for the past 5 years or so. His was actually based on drafting Bettis year after year.I use Something in my Pants :yes: It has many conotations when typing up messages after a victory...for example a headline could read, "The D-Town Muff Divers were exposed to the power of Something in my Pants!"

D-Town muff divers is great but I can't have my kid ask me what does that stand for Dad??? I can just see my wifes expression with that one.The short bus stuff is funny!How about "Hell's freezing Over" For me and the Lion's or am I just jinxing myself and the Leo's?Or "Bednarik's Crush" :eek:

One of the guys in our home league this year is going with...

Catholic School Girls In Trouble
Is this based on "Catholic Highschool Girls in Trouble" from Kentucky Fried Movie?
in one league i was in, the team name had to start with a city - one guy came up with "manila folders". i liked it.

In my league, you are required to use an actual city (or state/region like New England or Minnesota) and then a team name. Some of the ones I've come up with for myself and others (please feel free to add your own - it's tough but fun when you have to use an actual city.)St. Louis SkolnickNew England Clam ChowderOrlando CalrissianSt. Louis Winthorpe (crosstown rivals of the Skolnick)Marlboro LightsButte OxBirmingham Slam

Just remembered a few more we have used:ManTrain - Owner lost 4 in a row to start the season and as punishment we renamed his teamIt's Raining Men - Same Owner, same situation the previous year.Rainbows and Unicorns - Different owner could not think of a team name by draft day. This was chosen for him.Crack Dealing AmishFree-Basin' Mennonites - Arch rival of the Crack Dealing AmishThe Jobbers - 7 years in the league with no playoff appearances.Ron Jeremy's FolliesBurgerworld StiffiesShoguns of Harlem - my first team name.

From Office Space:No Talent ### ClownsAlso:Amish Underwear Models (pretty much anything with Amish in it is funny)

Bunch of WomenSnot RocketUnderpants GnomesNasty B!#@hThe SkortsFighting Unitarians of Cobbler's Knob, UtahIf you want to be timely:The WhizzinatorsRicky Needs Money16 Guys Not Named OnterrioIf you have Priest on your team:The Exorcists

I've been going with The Texas Creek Devils in one of my dynasty leagues for a while. Houston Ministers of DOOM is another. And of course, the ever popular: Sledge's Hammers.

One of the guys in our home league this year is going with...

Catholic School Girls In Trouble
Is this based on "Catholic Highschool Girls in Trouble" from Kentucky Fried Movie?
you'll cream in your jeans....hot chick: "show me your nuts"

John landis: (weird finger puppet motions) "surfin' USA"

my teams are:As#Clown PosseEbonic PlagueDamage, Inc.Legion of DoomLords of DisciplineProphets of Rage

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:thumbup: Thanks Guys, So many good ones to choose from. I hope to see more from the west coast guys. My wife suggested the "Dirty Harry's" - I'm a huge Clint Eastwood fan. Also "Dean of Doom", "Overcoaching MadMan", "Cheatsheets of Mass Destruction" and "Cad Monkeys" - I'm a Design Engineer in the auto industry and Unigraphics and CatiaV4&v5 are the cad sytems i use - inside joke is that we designers are called Cad Monkeys. Gotta go to sleep I'm up at 4:45 am.
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some i've used besides bss:Cunning stunts Bleeding freakstravestschamockeryshark jumpershate mongersinvisi-gothspainful rectal itchSnake bitinjury prone


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