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Do I trade Chris Godwin and Joe Mixon for Amari Cooper and Damien Harris? Why? The guy who offered it to me is saying how elite Cooper is but idk that he's "elite" enough to take such a big down grade at RB. My team:

RB’s: Kamara, Mixon, Davis

WR’s: Hopkins, Godwin, Cooks, and I have Thomas and Hilton on IR



I don't like this trade for you, Typically, you want to get the most valuable player in the trade and I see Mixon as most valuable. Also Godwin is honestly in the same tier as Amari. Lowend WR1 to High end WR2 in a productive offense w/ other weapons that can make them inconsistent. 

Your team is stronger w/o the trade and it isn't a terrible trade either btw, Respectfully decline, keep the trade talks open for possible future ones. 


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