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FFPC Mock Draft (1 Viewer)

Its that time of year again!!

I created a mock draft on antsports.com. You will have 8 hours to make each selection. Ignore the scoring system and line up requirements on the league page. We will be using FFPC rules.

***I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH***Please do not sign up if you don't think you will be able to make your draft selections. You can make a pre-draft list if you feel you are going to be away from the computer for 8+ hours. Do not miss a pick and waste the time of 11 other people.

The starting lineups will consists of: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex Players (RB, WR or TE), 1 PK. 1 TeamDefense/Special Team

20 yards passing = 1 point (Divide total yards by 20. Example: 275 passing yards = 13.75 fantasy points)
Passing TD = 4 points
Interception thrown = Minus one point (-1).
2-point conversion = 2 points

10 yards rushing = 1 point (Divide total yards by 10. Example 126 rushing yards= 12.6 fantasy points)
Rushing TD = 6 points
2-point conversion = 2 points

10 yards rushing = 1 point (Divide total yards by 10. Example: 93 receiving yards = 9.3 fantasy points)
Receiving TD = 6 points
1 point per Reception for RB, WR, QB, K
1.5 points per Reception for TEs
2-point conversion = 2 points

You can signup @ http://www.antsports.com/private_drafts/
The password to join is joebryant
The league is called FBG FFPC Mock Draft

The league ID is 5365

We can use this thread to analyse draft picks and draft strategies.

One spot left

ETA: I'm Dawg Pound in the draft just as an FYI

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1.03 Calvin Johnson

So this is an interesting spot to draft out of for FPC. Really wanted to go RB, but after Foster/Peterson, it all looks the same. Between McCoy/Rice/TRich/Charles/Spiller/Martin you can flip a coin. I think each of these RBs have a question mark. Will McCoy still be a consistent Top 5 RB with a new offensive system?, will Rice lose carries and receptions to Pierce?, will Richardson be healthy all season and be a Top 5 back with Weeden at the helm?, will Charles look like McCoy with Andy Reid and his pass happy offense?, will Spiller continue to be the guy with a rookie QB at the helm?, will Martin be able to duplicate his rookie season?

Just a lot of questions and with a top five pick, I want that pick to be reliable every week. So after disregarding RB, I looked at the QB, WR, and TE. With QB, I have my pick of the crop, but the drop off from QB1 to QB12 is about 80 points. Very deep this year. As much as I would love to have one of the big 4-5 QBs, I just don't think you want to overpay this year.

Looking at TE, Jimmy Graham is really the only pickable guy in round 1, especially at the 1.5 pts per reception, after that it's a pretty big drop. However to take him this early really puts me at a disadvantage when needing 2 RB and 2 WR. If I was drafting later in the first round or at the turn, I would definitely be considering him, but at 1.03, it's just too early.

So that left me at WR. Calvin Johnson is as reliable as they come. His drop from WR1 to WR12 is more than 100 pts and makes him a safe 1st round pick.

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1.04 Doug Martin

My pick really came down to taking Martin, Spiller, or Charles. I really think Martin may be fantasy's no. 1 RB and having to start 2RBs (maybe even 2 more in the flex), it became important to nab my top guy and the foundation of my backfield.

4pts per pass TD really caused me to ignore QBs, although even at 6pts per TD, I'd still have passed on QB.

1.06 Jimmy Graham

This is all about upside. Graham is generally projected to score more points than any non-QB left on the board and I feel better about loading up on RBs waiting for one to breakout rather than stashing TEs. Looking at projected drop off, I should probably be grabbing one of the 3 RBs that went just behind him - but finding another TE that is going to get 9 targets a game in weeks 14-16 is harder in later rounds than finding a RB that will get 20 carries, even if we don't know who that is yet.

1.07 Ray Rice

Was really hoping to get one of Calvin Johnson or Jimmy Graham here. For the same reasons already mentioned above. Calvin is in a tier of his own, and TEs are thin this year so having a top notch guy every week is desirable.

Hard to complain with Rice though. He still young @ 26 years of age and hes been consistently good and durable the last few years. He should continue to catch a ton of balls.

***I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH***Please do not sign up if you don't think you will be able to make your draft selections. You can make a pre-draft list if you feel you are going to be away from the computer for 8+ hours. Do not miss a pick and waste the time of 11 other people.

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I hate the 11 spot this year - or at least I don't much care for it at this point in the "pre-season" but it's where I'm at in one of my FFPC leagues so I gotta see what I can do there. Given the RB situation at the end of Rd 1 I'm looking into how my squad ends up with a bit of the "Upside Down" approach.

I would have taken Graham were he available and I was ideally hoping to grab AJ Green and then Julio or Dez in Rd 2 but I do feel that Julio is going into Year 3 totally healthy and ready to break out into a legit WR1 role. I'm expecting both Julio and Dez to be at least Top 10 WR with the upside for both to possibly be Top 5

Will be interesting to see what RBs I end up with using this approach

Really like my start from the 4 slot with Doug Martin and Demaryius Thomas. It's really nice core and still allows me to go a few different ways with my next selection.

2.10 Alfred Morris

Late second round and I see Alfred Morris is still available. In 2012, he carried for 335 times for 1600 yards with 13 TDs. Little bit light on the receptions at 11, but he's one of the few bell cow backs. To be honest, I was surprised he slipped down this far as I anticipated Demaryius Thomas would be here, but deadly sniped DT right before me, and I'm okay with that. To be honest, the only other consideration here was either Fitz or A. Johnson, but with needing to start at least 2 RBs in this system, by taking Calvin in the 1st round, I pretty much had to take a RB here or in round 3. With Morris available, there was no way he was coming back in the third and I'd be crazy to pass him up.

No brainer, easy pick here. Team is now a Top 5 WR and a RB with Top 10 upside.

1.03 Calvin Johnson

3.03 Andre Johnson

Third round, only Fitz went at the turn, rest were RBs. I have the option here of another RB or WR. When looking at drops though and ADP, a lot of receivers are projected to go in the third and fourth round, whereas the RBs are fairly much picked over at this point. There's a couple of TEs out there that are starting to look interesting as well. From the RB side, the only consideration in the third round is Demarco Murray, he's fast, but he hasn't had a healthy season yet. There's a lot of other committee RBs that will have the same opportunities in the next few rounds, so I decided to pass from this perspective.

Looked at the NE TE situation with Gronk. Gronk is a stud and he's sliding because of his surgeries from forearm and back. Gronkowski was unbelievable in 2011 with 90 receptions, 1300+ yds and 17 TDs. That was unbelievable. In 2012, he had 55 receptions, 790 yds and 11 TDs over 11 games, projected at 80 receptions, 1100+ yds and 16 TDs if he played all games and didn't miss due to injury. Two years in a row the guy has been phenomenal. Enter season three with the question of how much he can repeat and how much will the surgeries affect him. I like Gronk and I seriously considered taking him here. The only consideration other than Gronk was at WR.

Looking at WR, Andre Johnson was still on the board. In 2012, Johnson put up his second best receptions in his career at 112, his most yardage in a year at 1598, and only 4 TDs. WTF?!? How does the man only put up 4 TDs. Interestingly enough, Johnson has never had double digit TDs in his career. Looking at the other receivers in similar categories, there was Reggie Wayne and Roddy White. Reggie has been in the league longer than Andre Johnson and is right around 100 receptions, although in 2011 he only had 75. Roddy's numbers have been steadily declining with the surgence of Julio Jones and I think Julio will continue to put up stud numbers again this year. From my perspective, Andre was probably the last 100+ receptions WR on the board.

So in deciding between Gronk and Johnson. The question came down to whether or not I thought Gronk will continue the TE insanity in NE. I don't. I think Hernandez was coming on last year and I think it'll be a tick down in Gronk's stats this year. I think Johnson is still the top WR option at HOU as Justin Hunter ramps up, and probably gives enough upside and consideration at another 100+ receptions this year and a better match on my team. At this point, I'm probably fielding the strongest WR duo in the league and with Morris the bell cow at RB, I have a solid core being built.

1.03 Calvin Johnson

2.10 Alfred Morris

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2.07 Steven Jackson

After going Graham in the first, I am virtually forced into going RB though I would have given serious consideration to Marshall if he lasted one more spot. Luckily, there were still several attractive options on the board. While the first pick came down to upside, this one was about safety given several comparable options.

Let's talk Jackson relative to the RBs that went behind him in the 2nd.

S-Jax has managed to finish as the RB17 and RB10 the past 2 years while playing for a St. Louis team that counted Danny Amendola as it's best WR. I think that Atlanta can really open things up for him. He might be up there in years but all indications are that he takes amazing care of his body. This Atlanta offense was able to make currently unemployed Michael Turner into RB21 last year, so I don't think it is a stretch for Jackson to crack the top 10-12. Even if he doesn't hit that, the RB21 that Turner put up is probably his floor I also think I can get Jacquizz Rodgers as a handcuff relatively late. While he would probably be part of a committee if Jackson went down, he probably fills the Sproles role in that committee and becomes a safe 8+ ppg guy with some upside.

Reggie - Very intriguing for me, thought the Dolphins underutilized him and really interested to see what he can do with Calvin taking the majority of the defensive attention. He is younger than Steven Jackson, but only by about 2 years IIRC. I guess I am concerned about goal line work. While I think Jackson gets that in Atlanta, Leshoure might get the goal line work in Detroit.

Alf - At the start of last year, no one trusted Shanahan to stick with a RB. I am uneasy just marking Alf down as the starter for the year, but I'm generally paranoid. That said, the reason I want S-Jax over Alf is generally about receptions (aka easy RB pts), 335 carries last year and only 16 targets. I think the winner of the Helu and Chris Thompson sweepstakes could be a valuable CoP guy and potentially eat into not only passing down workload but also some of the carries. I certainly like him, but think Steven Jackson is a bit safer play with perhaps less upside.

MJD - I am concerned about his recovery from the foot injury. This is already a bottom 10 offense and him missing even a little time would scare me off. Based on the information we have today I don't think he goes top 2 rounds in August/September but this is obviously subject to change once we have camp reports.

3.04 Rob Gronkowski

While his health is a gamble, I am confident he will ready for the regular season. With 1.5 PPR for TE, Gronk is definitely a 1st rd value that I was able to snag in the 3rd rd. Given the scoring system, at this point, I am very happy with Doug Martin, Demaryius Thomas, and Rob Gronkowski.

3.06 Aaron Hernandez

Upside and TE scarcity. I originally had 2 RBs queued up, but changed it to give Hernandez top priority. It is really hard to give up the opportunity to have 2 RBs in the first 3, but I think Hernandez is worth it.

Let's get the negatives on Hernandez out there, he has a reputation for being injury prone. I am OK with a 3rd rounder missing some games so long as he yields elite performance the rest of the time.


Brady is throwing to him

He isn't even 24 until the middle of the season

Pace - Pats should be near the top in total snaps

Consistent targets

Potential to play without Gronk is salivating (13,11,19 is number of targets per week wk 13-15)

Ideally, I like to have 2/2/2 at the end of rd 6 for RB/WR/TE and this ensures that I won't have reach for a lower tier option. In my experience FFPC/FPC drafts go one of two ways, everyone waits on TE and there is a ton of value or there is perceived scarcity and all of the sudden I don't feel comfortable reaching for a TE in any round because there are being overdrafted 2-3 rounds. Having 2 elite options means I can ignore TE for the rest of the draft if I wanted or grab another 1-2 late fliers if I feel they are the best options.

Wait...do they not have the rookies listed?
their lists are still 2012. they have not updated to 2013 stats and players yet.
bingo!! Im gonna pass on remainder of this mock...I will put on computer control.....thanks for the effort but there is no point if the rookies are not even uploaded
Or you can just draft a complete scrub and indicate the rookie in the comments...
OK.....will try this out......just to keep things going

I did reach out to Antsports (when I didn't see Morris in the top 32) and then shot them an email asking when their stats and 2013 rookies will be listed. Will let you know what I find out.

Thru Round 4:

T Richardson

L. Bell

A. Green

R. Cobb

Looking to maintain balance coming out of rd 4. Expected couple of other choices to be here at RB, but alas,....not to be. Still I'm comfortable with this. Am looking forward to see what Bell brings to the table this fall. Skipped over another bigger name back. I like the expectation of much better recpt totals vs the "other" option there.

With Green and Cobb, have a solid core of WR started, and in this format you need quality depth to navigate the double flex.

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4.09 Danny Amendola

Really like picking up Amendola here. Think he can be an elite option at WR in NE's offense as long as health holds up. Obviously a risk, but I feel pretty confident about him.

My team thus far:

RB: Doug Martin

WR: Demaryius Thomas

WR: Danny Amendola

TE: Rob Gronkowski

4.10 Stevan Ridley

Sitting at 2 WR and 1 RB after the third and at the position I could have gone a lot of different directions from this spot. In looking at WRs, I saw Reggie Wayne and Colston dropping which would make solid Flex plays. However, I was really concerned with the RB position being only 1 spot deep there and many teams banking on two already. In looking at the board, I saw Ridley still available at the beginning of the 4th and didn't think he would fall this far. I was contemplating waiting on RB to 5/6 and looking at someone like Ballard (now at risk with the Bradshaw signing) or Eddie Lacy. However, how many times does a 300+ carry back in double digit TDs fall to the end of the fourth. Granted you get points for PPR, but Ridley should still be good for TDs again this year. He was just too good to slide any farther and didn't want to risk one of the turn teams snagging him. From my perspective, he was the last RB in his tier and worth the grab.

The only other consideration here was possibly taking a QB with Brady or Manning. Late fourth round and you get a consistent top 5 QB. With the 4 pts per passing TD definitely not as valuable, but worth considering at this point in the draft. The drop from the RB tier to the next tier was more significant in my opinion and that's why I tossed the QB direction away.

As for TE, Gonzo was still on the board, but with the addition of SJax in ATL, I think that will cut into some of his numbers. I was willing to wait till the beginning of the 5th to reconsider here.

WR is still fairly deep. There are a lot of value picks there that will come back in the 5/6 round. In looking at my 5th round pick, I see Wayne/Colston/Bowe/Nicks so still a lot of options here.

So my thinking was to go RB and snag the last required starter.

1.03 Calvin Johnson

2.10 Alfred Morris

3.03 Andre Johnson

It is interesting to note and we should have a discussion about the week 12 bye situation for the FPC this year. My strategy is to avoid all week 12 players (Cincinnati, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Buffalo). While it does cut into available players, I really don't want to risk going into the FPC playoff without some critical starters playing. Be interested in hearing what you other drafters are thinking on this one as it definitely adds an element of strategy this year.

4.07 Jordy Nelson

With 2 TEs and 1 RB so far, I definitely needed a WR here. This was partially by design because it seemed that the vast majority of the best values in rounds 4/5 were going to be WRs.

Looking at available WRs it ultimately came down to Amendola, Colston or Nelson. I really don't see a ton of separation here although Amendola seems to be higher reward with higher risk. Having TEs on the Saints and Pats already, that made Nelson the easy decision as I want to avoid loading up on one team which could cap upside in weeks 14-16.

2.06 Brandon Marshall

Not sure how he fell this far. The #2 WR on my board, and a guy I considered taking in the first round. Don't expect him to fall this far in most drafts.

3.07 Darren Sproles

Another guy I contemplated picking the round before. If Marshall was gone, there was a large chance I was taking Sproles with that last pick. Happy to have 2 rbs after the first 3 rounds. It seems the pickings are getting slim and I consider Sproles a high end RB2. Other considerations at this pick - DeMarco Murray & Roddy White.

4.06 Vincent Jackson

Just missed out on Roddy White. I have Vincent Jackson in the same tier, and actually ranked just one spot below White. The only thing I dislike about VJax is his inconsistency, but he should have a few monster games for me. Other considerations - Marques Colston & Reggie Wayne.

Ray Rice

Darren Sproles

Brandon Marshall

Vincent Jackson

Really happy with my team thus far. I don't expect Marshall and Sproles to fall to where I got them in many drafts, but if they do, I'm all over them!

Saint said:
It is interesting to note and we should have a discussion about the week 12 bye situation for the FPC this year. My strategy is to avoid all week 12 players (Cincinnati, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Buffalo). While it does cut into available players, I really don't want to risk going into the FPC playoff without some critical starters playing. Be interested in hearing what you other drafters are thinking on this one as it definitely adds an element of strategy this year.
For me this isn't as much of an issue. My view on it is that the odds are against you (2:1) making the playoffs anyway, so I will take all of the help I can get during the first 11 weeks. The consequence of those teams having week 12 byes is that everyone else has a bye during the first 11 weeks, weakening (albeit ever so slightly) your chances of making the playoffs.

I was 2/2 in making the playoffs in FPC leagues last year. One of my teams had the 1st seed as a result on hitting on Peyton/Spiller/Cobb and then promptly lost in week 12. The other team grabbed the 4th seed IIRC and was limping into the playoffs without Gronkowski and Roethlisberger; and then Bryce Brown happened and was able to eek out wins in both week 12 and 13.

So I guess my approach is to try like the devil to make the playoffs and then hope for the best in weeks 12+13.

3.11 DeMarco Murray

4.02 Drew Brees

Having began with 2 WR who I am confident will be Top 10 with the upside of Top 5 I was beginning to think RB/RB. Then I saw Randall Cobb sliding and pre-drafted with him as my #1 option at 3.11. I believe the Packers are going to feature him and, given the loss of Greg Jennings there will be a lot more targets to go around. I could easily see Cobb being the Wes Welker of the Packers' offense with the added upside of more "explosive plays" and possible carries out of the backfield (perhaps even a Wildcat run or pass from time to time). Had Cobb not been picked at 3.10 I would have gladly added him for what I think would be an impressive Triple-Headed WR bunch. Once Cobb got picked, I didn't see any significant WR or TE I "needed" and I believe Murray was the best RB option left...and was not convinced he would make it past the turn.

As for Murray he also has a ton of upside in that he is talented, has little to no competition for carries, is used in the passing game and will be used at the goal-line. A feature back in a potentially explosive offense. Having said that, we all know why he is available at the end of round 3 - the injury-prone tag. But, if he stays healthy I've got a strong RB2 with RB1 upside.

At 4.02 no RB really stood out to me and I was just floored to see Brees, who has the very real potential to be the #1 QB in FF this year, available. I'm usually a "wait on the QB" guy but the value of Brees (even in a 4 pt per passing TD league) in the 4th round is undeniable.

5.03 Peyton Manning

At 4.10 I was debating QB based on the falling Brady and Manning, and had to strongly consider them here at 5.03. Even with 4 pts per passing TD these guys are the most consistent players in the league in Top 5 QB play. Manning had his second highest completion percentage of his career last year at 68.6%. He threw for over 4600+ yds, 37 TDs, and 11 Int. Brady was at 63% completion percentage, 4800+ yds, 34 TDs, and 8 Int. Now Brady loses his #1 security blanket in Welker, and Manning adds him to an already loaded offense. Edge Manning. I was shocked that he fell to the 5th round as I believe he ends up being QB1 for this year.

If Manning went earlier, I would have passed on Brady. I like Brady but losing his WR1 for Welker will hit his numbers a bit. I like Amendola, but he has to learn the offense, Brady's tendencies when pressured, and stay healthy. I was willing to wait another round for him.

As for RB, not really enthused by the prospects here in the early 5th. At this point, I am looking for flex/backup RB and I believe there will be many of the same options at the end of the 6th, so I took a pass here.

WR, the guy I would have taken if Manning wasn't there was Bowe. Andy Reid systems emphasize passing and I think he will perform well. I also like Alex Smith in the Reid system. Reid has always done well with WCO systems and Smith is an ideal fit. I think they will do well together and Bowe is definitely someone I am targetting in a lot of drafts.

TE has a large number of folks that are about the same risk/reward. IMO, the picks here would have been a reach. The value at this spot was QB/WR.

1.03 Calvin Johnson

2.10 Alfred Morris

3.03 Andre Johnson

4.10 Stevan Ridley

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5.04 Montee Ball

Happy to land who I think will be the starting RB in a high-octane offense with plenty of scoring opportunities. Maybe a little gamble as my RB2, but one that could pay off HUGE. There were really no other RBs I contemplated taking at this point, and if Ball would've been selected, I more than likely would have taken another WR.

Updated Roster:

Doug Martin

Montee Ball

Demaryius Thomas

Danny Amendola

Rob Gronkowski

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5.06 Hakeem Nicks

Other than the injury concerns, Nicks was easily the best WR left on the board IMHO. Given what we know today, I would probably have taken Peyton over him if he were available but if we get into camp and Nicks seems to be healthy I think he is a great value in the 5th.

I still don't have a RB2 but at this point the drop off doesn't seem that severe. Montee Ball as much as I hate him as a player would have merited strong consideration here just because of his chance to grab the gig in Denver that made Moreno into a top 5 back for a stretch last year.

As I mentioned above, I would have considered Peyton; Cam is also projected right around Peyton in terms of points, but never really considered him as I would still feel I would need to draft a backup. Part of the rationale for taking Peyton would be that I could use that roster spot on another RB/WR and just grab a WW QB for Peyton's bye week.

When I get 1 of the first 3 picks in a re-drafter, I always try to go 3 RBs in my first 3 picks. I don't need to say much about Foster, other than that he's a STUD. I feel that MJD will be just fine to start the season and that it was a good value pick where I got him. I really like Miller this year and he is my sleeper stud. He will be Miami's bell cow. So that gives me 3 solid RBs that my opponents would see every week.

I would not have touched Tony G except in a re-drafter. I think he has 1 more TOP 5 TE in him.

Bowe. I was surprised to see him still available. I feel that Bowe is going to have a great year with the new HC and with Smith at QB.

I'm more than satisfied with my roster thru Rnd 5: Foster/RB, MJD/RB, Miller/Mia/RB, Bowe/WR and Gonzalez/TE.

Thru 6 picks

RB T. Richardson 2.03

L. Bell 4.03


WR AJ Green 1.10

R. Cobb 3.10

E. Decker 6.03


TE D. Pitta 5.10

Solid foundation, not spectacular. Was considering doubling up on TE's at the 5/6 turn but opted to secure the safe WR 3 in Decker

Pitta at the 5.10 was good value IMO. Especially in 1.5 ppr leagues

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6.07 Cam Newton

This came down to Newton or the best available WR, which in my mind was Antonio Brown from a projection basis. I am not a fan of Brown as I feel that Wallace took away defensive attention from him last year and probably will never be a redzone threat given his size. That said, I strongly considered him as he is likely to see a boatload of targets this year. Newton had a 13:4 TD:INT ratio during the 2nd half of last year and is always a threat to run. Heck, Newton might put up better rushing numbers than my RB2 once I find one. Cam despite being a bit unpredictable is probably a start every week that he is playing.

6.10 Mike WallaceWell, everything was going great until this round. My plan on the 5/6 spin was to land a TE and WR. My first preference was Pitta if he made it back, but he never made it out of the 5th round. My next pick was Greg Olsen, who I think is underrated every year. I think he will outperform his projections this year and my thinking was that he would last to the end of the sixth, but that didn't happen. So my third player I was targeting was Antonio Brown who I think will have an uptick in targets making him a solid WR2 with WR1 upside. Unfortunately I watched him get snagged one spot before me (nice pick deadly as you now snagged DT and AB right before I picked :kicksrock: ).

So looking at needs at this point, I still need a TE and 2 flex players. Looking on the board, the TEs I was targeting were taken and I really didn't want to bite on any of the other ones as of yet. Looking at RBs, I would have loved if Eddie Lacy fell here, but he was gone. Looking at best player available, the free agent signing of the year was still available with Mike Wallace. As a WR3, I think Wallace is definitely value. I also like Tannehill this year and I think he will play better than last year. If Tannehill plays well, then Wallace becomes a solid pick and I could potentially be starting three Top 15 WRs this year. I looked at this as a safe WR pick with upside. 1.03 Calvin Johnson2.10 Alfred Morris3.03 Andre Johnson4.10 Stevan Ridley

5.03 Peyton Manning

Tavon Austin. Yes, I know he is a rookie. But, IMHO, he will be the best slot receiver in the league by the end of the year. 90-100 receptions. Plus, numerous carries out of the back-field. Couldn't be happier with this pick.

7.06 Shane Vereen

Takes over the Woodhead role and probably has more talent. Woodhead was RB24 last year with Vereen stealing carries here and there. Really busted out vs the Texans last year. I think he can easily be a top 30 RB and what more can I ask for in the 7th round?

7.03 Jared CookCook is feast or famine. STL signed him to a significant deal and he is reunited with Fisher, who was a big support of his talents. When I look at what he has done, it hasn't been much, but with Tavon Austin spreading the field and Fisher being a believer, my thinking is that between Austin-Cook that could be Bradford's weapons for the year. As the 11th TE off the board, he represented value to me at that point. Am I willing to bet on him being my #1 without some additional support? Heck no. I'll be drafting another TE in the next round or two to back him up.

Other considerations here were Stevie Johnson and Cecil Shorts. The scary part on both of them are the QB play and that's where I hesitated. At this point, I felt it was better to take a TE that has great athleticism that could outperform as TE11. 1.03 Calvin Johnson2.10 Alfred Morris3.03 Andre Johnson4.10 Stevan Ridley

5.03 Peyton Manning

6.10 Mike Wallace

8.10 Steve JohnsonI've been avoiding players with Week 12 byes so as to not impact my playoff team. With Steve Johnson falling to end of round 8, he's the clear WR1 for Buffalo, but risky with a rookie QB. I considered drafting another TE/RB here, but thought the value with Stevie outweighed the other positions. He will play the final flex spot for my team. 1.03 Calvin Johnson2.10 Alfred Morris3.03 Andre Johnson4.10 Stevan Ridley

5.03 Peyton Manning

6.10 Mike Wallace

7.03 Jared Cook

7.04 Ahmad Bradshaw

8.09 Colin Kaepernick

Liked grabbing Bradshaw at 7.04. Feel like he'll be the starter on a pretty solid Offense in Indy. Solid reception totals and he's always been talented around the endzone. Really nice RB3 for me.

At 8.09, I was thrilled to grab Kaepernick. He's one of the QBs that can neutralize this 4pts per Pass TD with his rushing ability. If can get an uptick in rushing yards and TDs, he'll be a steal at this point in the draft. Really didn't expect him to be available at his juncture of the draft.

Team so far:

QB Colin Kaepernick

RB: Doug Martin

RB: Montee Ball

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw

WR: Demaryius Thomas

WR: Danny Amendola

WR: Antonio Brown

TE: Rob Gronkowski


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