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When Rod Carey (Northern Illinois head coach) was asked on ESPN2 what he will say to his kicker at halftime after going 0-3 in FG attempts in the first half:

"Nothing, leave him be. He's a kicker, he'll figure it out!"

So, how is it being a struggling kicker in an NFL locker room?? How are things going for Randy Bullock this year?. How was it for Mason Crosby last year? Do they get invited to team parties? Do other players tell them to not associate with them (like a jock/nerd exchange in a John Hughes movie)?

Or, is that all overblown and Peyton Manning actually did buy Mike Vanderjagt a Rolex for making a game winning kick back in the day? :bowtie:

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Career Field Goal % To be qualified for this list, you have to have at least 100 field goal attempts in your career.

Something that sticks out to me immediately: Field goal kicking success has increased dramatically in the past 15 years or so.

Seems two things have heavily influenced this:
1. The way kickers approach the ball. Old film shows kickers lining up directly behind the ball. These days you see them take 4 paces back, then two paces to the left of the ball.
2. The 'No leaping/jumping over the line to block the kick' rule.
@Verminator has been waiting over a decade for this day.

I only started watching football around 2004. Didn't even realize the 2-steps-left thing was relatively new. Interesting.

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