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[FILLED] 10 Team Dynasty Startup: SF, Deep IDP, Custom Graphics, MFL and LeagueSafe (1 Viewer)

Matt D.

Hey everyone:

The 10 team Collegiate Dynasty League is looking for 6 more owners who are serious and experienced.

If you’re down for a league that mixes fun with challenging, this is the one for you!

- GroupMe is a MUST for communication; must be active!

- LeagueSafe for all money handling

- College Theme

- You MUST select an actual College Football Team to name your team after. Team graphics will be custom-designed by the Commish to maintain uniformity in that way, and cannot be changed by the owner.  

- $50 League Fee

- Buy In: First year league fee + 1/10th of MFL cost + 50% of next year's league fees = 2019 League Fee ($81). Annual League Fee After First Year - $50 + 1/10th of MFL Cost - 10 Teams - PPR - 4 Team Playoffs 

- 50 Man Rosters - 6 Point per Passing TD (QB)

- IDP Scoring Structured on Par With Offensive Players



Starting Lineup:  



Scoring and Settings:  



Please respond here with your e-mail if interested. Serious and active owners only!

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Awesome, just replied to your message. Shoot me over your e-mail and I’ll send over invites.

Yeah we have 4/5 spots available still - drop me your e-mail and college team you want to rep. USC, Ohio St, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida taken so far.


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