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Filled - 16 team start up Fantrax Dynasty league (1 Viewer)


We are looking to fill teams for an online email draft set to 8 hours with auto skip and a 1 am - 6 am EST off line mode.  

Payments must be paid before draft and the draft order will be set once the league is paid in full.

Draft order to be set once league is full and paid.

Draft to start immediately once league is full and paid.

Minors and Majors to be drafted thru this draft.

Here is the league summary:

  • 16 Teams 
    H2H Category - Multi-Win 
    $75 buy in + $5 Fantrax League fee = $80 fee
    Daily Lineups 
    Dynasty Format

    18 Active Players 
    9 batters / 9 pitchers 
    10 Reserves 
    20 Minors 
    5 DL 

    48 Player Rosters 



    League / Owner Payment 

    Owners are responsible to have all league funds submitted into the Fantrax Treasurer system by the league specified payment deadline of February 15th each calender season. This deadline allows commissioner's office to seek replacement owners with enough time before season starts if this direction is needed. Failure to have all league fees submitted by the February 15th deadline will result in owner termination from the league unless owner has communicated with commissioner's office prior to the deadline date and a course of action was worked out. 


    a.Owners are to set their lineups on a daily basis. Teams have until 5 minutes before the first game of the day to set lineups for stats to count. 

    b. Owners may set their lineups in advance using the Fantrax lineup tool. 

    c. Owners are responsible to continue to set their lineup and maintain legal lineup status if any trades or roster transactions made create an illegal lineup during any given day. 

    d. A lineup that is not legal at any point during a scoring day / period will result in 0 points for the effected time frame. (i.e, a trade made causing illegal roster and owner failed to correct lineup into legal status after a trade was made) 

    f. Owners rosters are to remain legal at all times, even during each off season. 

    g. The league will adhere to Fantrax default position eligibility. 


    a. Owners are allowed to make trades at anytime during the season and in addition anytime during the off season. A few stipulations however. The In-season trade deadline will be July 31st every season. ALL trades need to be ACCEPTED via the Fantrax trade tool before 11:59pm EST on July 31st to be approved. Any trade made after this specified time and the trade becomes null and void. 

    b. Owners are allowed to make uneven numbered trades ( i.e, 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 trades. 

    c. If a trade was made in error ( hitting accept by accident instead of reject) the accepting owner has 5 minutes from the timestamp on the trade acceptance email to notify the commissioner of an incorrect trade agreed upon. Anything beyond 5 minutes the trade will stand as agreed upon in the trade tool. 

    d. Owners are responsible for self-policing themselves during trades. The league and commissioner's office does NOT veto trades. There is NO veto policy with trades. The ONLY exception of this is when a trade seems very lopsided the commissioner's office will look into the developments of the trade to determine if collusion has occurred. 

    e. If the commissioner's office feels collusion has been involved in a trade the commissioner will seek out 4 owners in the league to seek feedback and decide as a group to approve trade or decline the trade in question. 

    Minor League System 

    a. Each team is allowed a MAX of 20 minor league players on their minor league roster. Teams are allowed to have less than 20 minor league players. 20 is the MAX. 

    b. Batters with 150 regular season AT BATS or less and pitchers with 150 regular season Innings Pitched or less are eligible for minor league roster placement. 

    c. Players with OVER the above 150 / 150 limits are NO longer eligible for minor league placement as they have graduated from the above criteria and must be placed in either active or reserve status. 

    d. If the player is sent down to the minor leagues by his MLB team after he has graduated from league specified setting of 150 / 150 the player is still NOT allowed to be placed in minors status. The player has graduated from ever being allowed to be placed in the minor leagues. 

    e. Players with minor league status are allowed to be called up to active or reserve status during their minor league eligibility and sent back down to minors during their minor league eligibility. 

    f. Minor league eligible players are allowed to be traded during their minor league eligibility and can remain minor league eligible on their new team so long as they fall under the above stated criteria of 150/150 threshold. 

    International Players 

    International players will be eligible to be drafted and not eligible to be on waivers once they sign with an MLB franchise. 

    So this means, every season in our prospect draft, International players that have signed with MLB clubs are only to be added via the draft and are allowed to be placed in minors just like a normal minor leaguer would be eligible to do. 

    Disabled List Usage 

    a. Owners are allowed to have a max total of 5 players on the DL at any given time during the regular season. 

    b. Only players on their MLB team disabled list are allowed to be placed on league roster DL lists. 

    c. Owners will have 72 hours ( 3 days ) from the end of the season to remove ALL players from the disabled list ( If a player ends the year on the DL, the player still must be removed from DL during the off season). Teams are not allowed to stash players in the DL slots during the off season. 

    d. The off season consists of the end of the playoffs until the next spring when MLB teams start to place their players on the DL. 

    Add / Drop Transactions 

    a. All free agent players remain on waivers every day. 

    b. The only method a player can be added to any team is through the waiver processing system. 

    c. The waiver order is rotated by 1st team to claim a player goes to the end of the claim order and 2nd order claim team goes to 1st, etc etc. 

    d. Players dropped remain on waivers for 24 hours. 

    d. A MAX of 4 add/drops are permitted each scoring period. The scoring period is from Monday thru Sunday each week. This never changes and also counts the same for replacing injured players. 

    Annual Prospect Draft 

    a. Each season in August / September our league will hold it's annual prospect draft. This draft will consist of 5 rounds and will not be a serpentine draft. 

    b. Players that are eligible for this draft are ONLY the freshly drafted prospects from that years MLB first-year player draft and ONLY signed International players after the previous season's draft and before the current year Prospect draft. All free agents and International players not meeting the current year Prospects draft criteria are not eligible for this draft. The player must of been drafted in that years MLB player draft to be eligible for our league teams to draft the player. No other players are eligible for this draft. 

    c. You may trade any of your 5 draft picks you're given each season in trades you desire to make prior to this draft. There is NO trading during this draft. 

    d. These players drafted are part of your overall roster allotment. If you have 20 minor league players already you will need to make the necessary drops or roster transactions for the newly drafted players fit your roster. 

    e. You may skip any one of your picks in the draft- only if you own the draft and have not previously traded it away. 


    a. 8 teams clinch playoff births each season. 4 teams from the American League and 4 teams from the National League. The playoff teams consist of: 
    2 Division Champions (American / National) 
    2 Wild Card births (American / National) 

    b.The playoff season will last for 3 weeks of game action and each playoff team is seeded according to where they finished the season in the standings. 

    c.The division winners earn seeds 1 and 2 in each conference. If the division champions have the same record, then the division champion with the most fantasy points scored for the season is the tiebreaker. 

    d. Seeds 3 and 4 are the wild card births and can come from either division in the conference. Our league tiebreaker rule will determine playoff seeding. 

    #1 seed vs #4 seed 
    #2 seed vs #3 seed 

    Money Payouts 

    a. The total amount each owner pays for the league fee of $75 goes into Fantrax for payouts at seasons end annually. 

    b.$75 X's 16 owners = $1,200 total in prize money. 
    League Champion = $400 
    Division Champion = $125 X's 4 
    Wild Card birth = $75 X's 4 

    Future Rule Changes / Modifications / Implementations 

    a. Rule changes or modifications to rules will only come about from owner suggestions. 

    b. For any rule change or modification to a rule a poll will be requested and voted upon. 

    c. For any rule to change or rule to modify for rule to implement the total votes on each particular vote must reach 75% in favor of, for any change to occur. 

    Owner Replacement 

    a.If an owner decides to leave on his own accord or is removed from the league a new owner will be sought out to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. 

    b. If two or more owner vacancies occur new owners will be sought to fill both teams as soon as possible. 

    c. We will not use a dispersal draft for two or more new owners taking over vacant teams. 

    Grounds for Owner Termination 

    a. An owner may be terminated from league operations for various reasons. The commissioner's office will decide on all team ownership matters. Some grounds of termination include: 
    - Team abandonment 
    - Excessive abuse of a fellow league owner or commissioner 
    - Failure to pay league fees
Please leave an email for an invite and if you care not to please PM me or email me @ pinchdrafter@gmail.com

Thank you for you interest!

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