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FILLED 24 team 2 copy Auction dispersal needs 1 (1 Viewer)


Need 1 more to begin the dispersal auction - SF TEP Devy Auction Dynasty League going to 4 team dispersal.

Year 7 for this league.

The Villains Club comic book themed bankroll league.

24 teams with 2 copies of each player.

12 team depth with double the trade partners.

Hosted on My Fantasy League.

Chat using GroupMe

Superflex league with TE Premium

1 copy of developmental players drafted in the devy auction

The second copy of the player is reserved for the rookie auction.

$60 annually on Leaguesafe (Pay 2 years to start).

I have 1 DC Villain available

4 auctions per year: Garage Sale Auction (sell your unwanted players) Rookie Auction Devy Auction Free Agent Auction

12/24 teams make the playoffs!

In season tournaments for blind bid $ and cash

Rules: https://na01.safelinks.protection.o...uICz14OJSGMq9hbAibosCpk+cGreWPotI=&reserved=0

Bylaws: https://na01.safelinks.protection.o...D0WJp5k+maSYmVQ3s1rD9caV4gLqmjw5M=&reserved=0

Assets: https://na01.safelinks.protection.o...G8n7Gr8VZKTXQaF7a8mZt8c4FqPV85tg0=&reserved=0

Leaguesafe: https://na01.safelinks.protection.o...KFDN9GJ5VSfh9Yhv63zmYhdWxYnKx/kN4=&reserved=0

Dm or southgate @ hotmail .com if interested

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