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(FILLED) Discounted Orphan 14t SF TEP(+0.5) MFL LS (1 Viewer)

Alberta Clipper

14t SF TEP(+0.5) orphan with stroud, goff, kamara, Kirk, ridley, all picks 2024 from 7 slot and all 2025.
Fees are reg $75 + 5 MFL = $80/year and teams pay a $40 deposit which is refundable if you ever leave with all your picks.
I'll take $40 + the dep for $80 total
Stroud, Goff
Kamara, Moss, Monty
Kirk, Ridley, Lockett
1.07, 2.07, 3.07, 4.07

Regular $75+5 mfl = 80/year
Also $40 deposit which is refunded if you ever leave with all your picks
Asking $75 which includes your deposit
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