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I'm the co-commissioner of Bound for Glory FFL, a free PPR and IDP dynasty league that's been going strong since 2003. We have 12 teams, 32-man rosters, and each week we start 7 offensive players, 5 IDPs, and a kicker. We play a 15-game regular season, and the top four teams qualify for the playoffs. We draft rookies and free agents (7 rounds) each year in late August. This year's draft is scheduled to begin on August 29 and should take 4-5 days to complete. We have been on myfantasyleague from the beginning, and have historically been a strong and stable league with active owners (4 of the current owners played in the inaugural season). Though it is a free league, we do ask each owner to voluntarily chip in $6 each year to help defray the myfantasyleague fee.

One of our owners recently went AWOL, and after repeated efforts to contact him, we finally had to move on and find someone to replace him. The former owner won the league championship last year, so even though his team was vacated, it is not a "project." An experienced PPR and IDP dynasty owner is preferred. If you would like to apply, email me at hurlburt99@hotmail.com.

Bound for Glory FFL 2022 league site: Roster of the open team: Complete Bound for Glory FFL scoring rules: Complete Bound for Glory FFL league rules (scroll down to find the complete written rules):
The Bound for Glory league is well organized, very competitive, and a lot of fun. Hope to hear from you!

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