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BT's Rule

This is a very unique league. If you don't want something different, don't waste your time reading through this!!

The draft is set for Sunday, 8/28 at 8:00 PM

Hosting site: Yahoo!
Teams: 10
League format: H2H, PPR, 2QB
Draft type: Online, Auction draft
Entry Fee: $70 ( lots of ways to win your $$ back....read on....)
League Financial security: LeagueSafe, Majority vote 
Payouts: see details below. All payouts will be processed after playoffs are completed

Here's where it gets fun and unique:
Roster: 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T, 2 K, 2 DEF, 5 BN (very shallow bench!, 10 teams scrambling for 2 QB's, 2 K, and 2 DEF...yup!)

I've been running this league for about 10 years and you MUST have strategy to win due to the short bench. It's not as easy as you think!!!

Regular season: weeks 1 - 14
Playoffs: Top 4 teams

Playoffs: (elimination) weeks 15 and 16
Non-playoff teams: Teams eliminated from (or during) playoffs are no longer permitted to add or drop players from their teams
No cut list: None
Trading: Not permitted in this league
Free Agents / Waivers: FAAB then waivers

Additional IMPORTANT notes (please READ):

Each team will have $200 for the auction draft. At the end of the draft, any money that you have not used will be added to your FAAB to use for the season. This means that not everybody will start with the same amount of FAAB at the beginning of the season.

Payouts (based on 10 teams):

Weekly Highest points scored 1st: $10    ($10 x 14 weeks)   $140

Weekly Highest points scored 2nd: $5 ($5 x 14 weeks) $70

Regular season 1st place: $200

Regular season 2nd place: $125
Regular season 3rd place: $15

Playoff Champion: $100

Wild card payout: $50

Here's how this works - if the team with the highest overall points at the end of the regular season does NOT qualify to advance to the playoffs, that team will win this $50 payout. However, if the team with the highest overall points at the end of the season DOES advance to the playoffs, then this $50 payout will go to the 2nd place winner of the playoffs. 


Send me your email address if you're interested. Send to Leacjuneb@yahoo.com

ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT. Must be willing and able to pay immediately!!

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