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FILLED ! New Rock themed Empire League -SF TEP $250 MFL and Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


MFL and Leaguesafe ( owner majority)

New SF TEP Dynasty EMPIRE League- ROCK N ROLL THEMED - $250 with Empire jackpot and Drauction ( half auction/ half draft)
Empire Jacpot hits when a team wins 2 of 3 years- then league is over ( or we can vote to keep on going)

Unique Rules where K and Def can score decent points! If you hate Def or K this league is NOT for you!

Auction will take about 2 hours then long draft

30 players per roster but no IR or Taxi Squad

Here is the link

Please email Ramrusher15 at hotmail.com for more info!
PS would like to screen owners beforehand and some small tweaks will be made by owner vote before paying and drafting!

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