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Filled- One opening in 16 team PPR/IDP dynasty league (1 Viewer)


Our League is heading into it's 15th Season, looking to fill one open team. The league is active 9-10 month out of the year with off-season activities.

16 Team league
Salary Cap
44 Player rosters + Taxi Squad (w/ Taxi Squad Poaching)
Total Starters: 20
QBs: 1 ,RBs: 1-2, WRs: 2-4, TEs: 1-3, PKs: 1, PNs: 1, DTs: 1-2, DEs: 2-3, LBs: 3-4, CBs: 2-3, Ss: 2-3

Reply here or email scott_san9@hotmail.com if you are interested and I'll send more information!
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