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FILLED - One opening in a 16 team IDP, Dynasty, Contract league (1 Viewer)


We have an opening we are looking to fill in one of our long term leagues.

The league is a 16 team IDP, contract dynasty league that has been around since 2012 with a 2nd league with the same rules that has been around since 2015.

The leagues have been set up to mimic the NFL in many ways:
Contracts - after acquiring a player you assign a contract between 1 and 4 years. This allows players to continue to rotate through the league and helps teams who are rebuilding.
Franchise tag - you keep one zero year contract player per year who is given a 4 year contract.
Transition tag - we have an auction for transition players and the original owner is allowed to match a bid and keep the player.
Worst to First waivers - to help teams that aren’t as good to rebuild quicker
Trades - The setup of the league and the contracts makes trading an important part of running your team.
We normally have very little turnover with many years of all teams returning.

We have a balanced scoring system where IDP’s scores are a very important part of the league. We have had a defensive player lead our league in scoring in the past. We have a far more accurate scoring system for QB’s and RB’s. The QB loses points for an incompletion and a RB loses points on a run for no gain. So, a QB who has a horrible game will not save his day because of garbage points. If his completion percentage was low and very little to show in TD’s or yards his score will not be good.
The scoring has been proven with usage since the early 2000’s so we know it works.

We start a QB, plus 5 offensive players (RB, WR and TE plus 2 flex)
We start 2 DE, 1DT, 3LBers, 2CB, 2 Safeties and 1 flex plus a kicker and punter

Annual fee is $60 with $30 for the following year if trading next year picks.

The Insane Asylum - Has open team

The league site is:

Open Team: Handlebar

He has all his picks in the upcoming rookie draft - the fifth pick in each round.

The Man Cave - No openings
The league site is:

Thank you for your interest.
15 teams paid and ready to go this is the only team left.
Rookie draft starts June 2nd
Amount due for the team will be $60
2024 - $30 credit from league and $30 of your payment
2025 - the $30 balance will pay half of next years fee and you would be allowed to trade next year picks

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