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Filled - Opening in IDP Dynasty league - Experienced owner needed (1 Viewer)



Due to a last minute owner dropping out of the league we have an opening in The Man Cave.

The league fee is $60 per year.

We have a draft on June 4th. This team traded away some 2017 picks so the entire $60 fee will pay for the 2018 year - the 2017 year you will play for free.
We also have an auction in July where all players who currently have a zero year contract will either need to be tagged by current owner or will need to be released. Those players plus others who have already been released will be available in the annual auction.
We have worst to first weekly waivers so the worst teams are able to rebuild quicker.

2017 draft picks: All have been traded
2018 draft picks: Rounds 1, picks)

The league:
Was established 3 years ago and was formed as a duplicate league as the Insane Asylum at the request of the owners in that league - currently over half of the owners are in both leagues. The same commish for both leagues since they formed.
We have a setup that allows owners to have a high level of control over their team (contracts on players, franchise tag, transition tag, annual auction, annual draft and plenty of trading)
We have a 45 man roster and a 5 man taxi squad
We start a QB, plus 5 offensive players (RB, WR and TE plus 2 flex)We start 2 DE, 1DT, 3LBers, 2CB, 2Safety and 1 flex - plus a kicker and punter
The scoring is more accurate than most leagues and the normally higher scoring QB and RB positions have negative plays which limit the upside scoring. The IDP players actually score more in line with offensive players in our league as well so they are a more important part of our overall league than many IDP leagues.

The Team

The Man Cave

League Rules

If interested please contact commissioner through the league homepage:Communication -> email to commissionerOr contact me through here.Thanks for your interest.

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