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[FILLED]Salary Cap/Contracts league on MFL - $100/year - DISCOUNT - 1 open team for 3-teams-dispersal (1 Viewer)


Hey guys,

Going into year 3, we are looking for 1 additional owner for a 3-teams-dispersal draft.

Decade of Domination mimmicks the NFL with all its challenges (salary cap, free agency, rookie draft, compensatory picks,...). We had a full league but one of the new guys changed his mind. Everything is set up for the dispersal draft and the available player pool has some interesting names on very attractive contracts.

The annual fee is $100 with a 1 year deposit. That would be $200, but we´re offering a 50% discount for year 1. Upon joining, you´ld be due $150. All money will be held on leaguesafe.

Have a look at the league site, the player pool and the league message board. Feel free to contact me (either here or via mail to eric.jungbluth@yahoo.com ) and I´ll send the league bylaws as a pdf file. 

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