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FILLED - Two team dispersal in Fantasy Degenerates ($50, MFL/Leaguesafe, SF, TEP, 1 devy selection per team/year (tradeable asset)) (1 Viewer)


Two team dispersal in Fantasy Degenerates. Assets listed below. Email me at tjrf88@gmail.com with Fantasy Degenerates in the title if you're interested or have questions.



Dispersal Assets

Allen, Kyle HOU QB
Carr, Derek NOS QB
Daniel, Chase LAC QB
Heinicke, Taylor WAS QB
Herbert, Justin LAC QB
Jones, Daniel NYG QB
Jones, Mac NEP QB
Purdy, Brock SFO QB
Ryan, Matt IND QB
Winston, Jameis NOS QB
Burkhead, Rex HOU RB

Davis, Mike FA RB
Dobbins, J.K. BAL RB
Gaskin, Myles MIA RB
Gordon, Melvin FA RB
Ingram, Mark NOS RB
Kamara, Alvin NOS RB
Ogunbowale, Dare HOU RB
Robinson, James NYJ RB
Williams, Javonte DEN RB

Bateman, Rashod BAL WR
Brown, Marquise ARI WR
Brown, Noah DAL WR
Campbell, Parris IND WR
Carter, DeAndre LAC WR
Claypool, Chase CHI WR
Collins, Nico HOU WR
Duvernay, Devin BAL WR
Hollins, Mack LVR WR
James, Richie NYG WR
Jefferson, Justin MIN WR
Jones, Marvin JAC WR
Meyers, Jakobi NEP WR
Mooney, Darnell CHI WR
Moore, D.J. CHI WR
Moore, Elijah NYJ WR
Olave, Chris NOS WR
Pickens, George PIT WR
Renfrow, Hunter LVR WR
Reynolds, Josh DET WR
Robinson, Demarcus BAL WR
Robinson, Wan'Dale NYG WR
Thomas, Michael NOS WR
Thornton, Tyquan NEP WR
Williams, Jameson DET WR
Wilson, Garrett NYJ WR
Woods, Robert HOU WR
Zaccheaus, Olamide ATL WR

Bellinger, Daniel NYG TE
Conklin, Tyler NYJ TE
Dissly, Will SEA TE
Dulcich, Greg DEN TE
Everett, Gerald LAC TE
Johnson, Juwan NOS TE
Kolar, Charlie BAL TE
Okonkwo, Chigoziem TEN TE

Devy Rights/Players
* '23 Devy Right, Undisputed Era FA QB (R)
* Allen, Braelon FA RB (R)

1.02, 1.06, 1.10, 2.02, 2.06, 2.10, 2.11, 3.02, 3.06, 4.02, 4.06, 5.02, 5.06

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