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FILLED - Year-round DieHard league needs 2 owners - IDP, Salary, Keeper, Auction, MFL (1 Viewer)

NFL Freak

These are by far my favorite leagues, mostly because you can play a little bit all year long.

There are 2 DieHard leagues, each looking for 2 new owners.
The 2 new owners will form their rosters by picking players from the 2 open rosters (Dispersal Draft).

    DH1 = DieHard Fantasy Football league (17th Season)
    DH2 = DieHard II High Roller League (16th Season)
    $65 for DH1, $125 fees for DH2, both with full payouts
    14 teams, play everyone once
    IDP with 40-43 roster spots, 3 IR, 8 Taxi
    12 keepers each offseason, with salary increases
    PPR scoring
    5 offseason Auctions and 1 Rookie Draft
In all, the league will hold 5 mini-auctions and 1 rookie draft, spread out about every 4 weeks between March and August. By September, our rosters are full, and we play a typical PPR-IDP season.
The keeper rules are structured well, and allow a lot of turnover of good players.  This year, all of the Open Teams have early rookie draft picks, and some quality keepers to start strong.

If you have experience with IDP and salary cap auctions, you can be competitive in your first year.  I didn't when I started, and still managed to step up in a couple years.  Last year (2018), our 1st and 2nd place DH1 champions were both new owners.
The sites are located here:  
    DH1: http://www.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/41039

    DH2: http://www.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/31512

Please visit the rules pages of either site.  At the bottom of both rules pages is a summary of the differences between the 2 DieHard leagues.
My name is Terry.  I own the Freaks of Nature teams.  I have been commissioner of DieHard I for about 7 years now, but have been in these leagues for over 12.  You can reach me through this forum, or by emailing me at nfl.freak@charter.net. 

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