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Previous Title: Dispersal Draft in a 10-Team 0.5 PPR $47 Dynasty League

Looking for two owners for a dispersal draft in a 10-team dynasty league.

The basics: 10th year of the league. 0.5 PPR. Two flex spots.  Start QRRWWWTFFDK.  24 man rosters plus 3 IR and 3 taxi squad.  Playoffs weeks 15 & 16.  $47 dues using leaguesafe.

The details.

We'll have a dispersal draft once both new owners are on board. Available players include Mahomes, Kamara, Chubb, D Henry, Godwin, D Adams, Beckham, Kelce, and much more.

Rookies won't be in the dispersal draft. Instead, both teams will get a full slate of picks for the August rookie draft. One team has the 4 slot (plus a bonus pick at 2.11) and the other has the 6 slot.

Message me if you're interested, ideally including a link to a team of yours in another dynasty league.

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Since a couple people have asked via DM, here's how draft slots work. I'll flip a coin (or equivalent), and the owner that wins the coin flip gets to pick their draft slot in whichever of the two drafts they want (dispersal draft or rookie draft). If the coinflip winner chooses to take slot 4 in the rookie draft (which comes with 1.04, 2.04, 2.11, 3.04, 4.04, and 5.04), then the other owner gets slot 6 in the rookie draft (1.06, 2.06, 3.06, 4.06, 5.06) and gets to pick their slot in the dispersal draft. Or, the coinflip winner can choose to pick their slot in the dispersal draft, which lets the other person have the better rookie draft slot. The dispersal draft itself is a 27-round snake draft, where one owner gets picks 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, etc. and the other owner gets 2, 3, 6, 7, etc.


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