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first IDP league (1 Viewer)

neal cassady

12 team league..1 pt per tackle, 2 per int, 6 per sack, 6 per td..start 2 defensive backs, 2 defensive linemen/linebackers. Donnie Edwards, Mike Peterson, Roy Williams and Michael Lewis. First IDP league in over 15 years playing fantasy. Have no idea how I stack up. Any opinions appreciated.

To be honest with you I think you have a weak team of Defensive Players. You don't have any backups in case of injuries or bye weeks. I love Donnie Edwards. He's going to do great for you. Mike Peterson isn't bad.Roy Williams, in my opinion, is overrated as a fantasy player. He has a name everybody knows but doesn't produce. There were 14 defensive backs last year that had more tackles than he did. You should have been able to get someone better. Lewis was the #20th ranked DB last year as far as tackles. You probably could have gotten someone higher. I guess it depends on what the rest of your team looks like. Did you get stud offensive players? If so, they may carry you. I'd be concerned about not having backups though.


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