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First round advice for keeper league draft (1 Viewer)


12 teams, .5 PPR. First round picks can't be kept.

In this league, the only shot at a presumed RB1 is in the first round and top of the second.

My likely choices are Mixon, Kamara, Barkley and Harris. I would appreciate rankings of those four.

I fear it will come down to Barkley and Kamara, and Alvin's legal situation has me nervous.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks for responding to my post.

I'm an upside drafter,in this group I think Barkley has the biggest upside,Mixon would be solid,Kamara has questions but if plays all year can get nice numbers.
Harris I would shy away from with a foot injury that may or may not affect him.
So for me it's:
1. Barkley
2. Kamara
3. Mixon
4. Harris

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