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First Time IDP Draft (1 Viewer)

First time doing a draft with IDP players. We start 4 defensive players of any position. No requirements. Could be all LBs, all DL, all DB or mix and match.

1 point per Tackle.

3 points for INT.

3 points for Sack.

2 each for a FF or Fumble Recovery.

What should be the strategy here? I think I want to target LB first, the ones who are racking up the tackles.

What do you guys think? How many IDP would be ideal to select if we start 4 each week? I imagine startable guys will be on the WW if needed.


I said it by PM, but interested if others share my philosophy so I’ll paste it in here:


For your format I suggest the following strategy: 

• focus on the draft as though it were any other team. Your IDP scoring is low & IDP active rosters are small (we start 7) so depth is going to be great on waivers all year. And w/low scoring for defense it’s gonna hurt you. While others make a run on D, scoop up all that value on offense like a friggin Hoover.

• Don’t start the run on D, but once say, 12 defensive players have been drafted, grab up a DL1 & a LB1, if the format requires multiple positions. If not, take all LBs. Don’t draft for sacks - they’re flukey. Draft for tackles. 100 tackle players are always more consistent & reliable. 

• treat DBs like kickers. Dunno if you just have 4 D-flex positions or what, but if you require a DB, take em with Yyoir 2nd tO last pick just before your kicker. The best & worst FF starters are like 20 points apart for the year, depending on how many you need. If you aren’t required to have a DB, don’t draft one.  Again - if you don’t require a DB or DL, take all 4 LBs who produce tackles. 

• once the run on D players starts, spend a full 2 roiunds scooping up offensive depth. You’ll have a safer, deeper team for it, as well as trade bait to desperate teams who wasted those picks on offense. 

Given that you only start 4, and they are all D-Flex, I’d wait at least 8-9 rounds before takin a D player. The talent pool on the FA list is going to be absolutely full. Don’t chase sacks, go for high tackle LBs. Stack up 5-6 of them to cover BYEs. You’ll get consistent production that way. 

But don’t be caught in the run. Use the defensive run to scoop up value at RB & WR. Do NOT pass on elite offensive players for D. In your system those 4 guys are barely above kicker in value because there are just 48 starters. With backups that’s stoll just ~72 defensive players taken total, and the scoring is low. 

***added to my thoughts: If you must & if the run starts late enough, and if the run starts near your team, if you wanted to grab a 1st tier LB like DJones, I wouldn’t say never. But only under those circumstances. 

Thats about my bet advice for your situation given the info you provided. Good luck in your draft - IDP is the best. 


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